Saturday, October 24

Alicia Keys

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James Charles apologizes to Alicia Keys for criticizing his new beauty line

By Desiree Murphy‍, 12 seconds ago James charles is sending his apologies to Alicia Keys. After criticizing the singer for launching a new lifestyle beauty brand with ELF, the YouTuber took to Twitter on Thursday to retract what he says was a "childish" subtweet. “I posted a subtweet yesterday on how I thought some celebrities shouldn't launch makeup lines. It was about @aliciakeys, ”Charles shared in a statement. "A few years ago, he announced that he would no longer wear makeup, so it bothered me that a lot of celebrities enter the beauty space as cash with no real passion and then leave." "I deleted the tweet after a few minutes because it is childish to indirectly tweet someone and I am not the keeper of makeup," he added. "Anyone should...