Tuesday, October 20

alastair carter

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Fred Flinstone-inspired gym has eco-friendly equipment and is right on the beach

Tulum Jungle Gym is often referred to as “the Fred Flinstone-inspired gym.” At Tulum, 90 percent of the equipment is made of locally-sourced wood, bamboo and stone. The natural materials are then carved into things like dumbbells, weights and pulleys by Mexican artisans. But if eco-friendly equipment doesn’t convince you, maybe it’s the setting. Tulum Jungle Gym is located right on the beach. Gym junkies can workout in bikinis and swim trunks right next to the Caribbean Sea. The idea for the gym started when Katie Louise Davies visited Mexico from Wales to see her boyfriend Alastair Carter. “We were just planning on working there for a few months before heading back. But that was before Ali came up with the idea of building a natural gym on the beach,” Davies tol...