Monday, October 26

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Apple Won’t Announce ‘AirPods Studio’ Claim Leak Next Week

Citing updated information from its sources, Apple leaker Jon prosser has stated today in a series of tweets that Apple will not announce its next High-end 'AirPods Studio' headphones during October 13 Special event. Previously, the rumored headphones They were expected to launch alongside the iPhone 12 lineup, but now, Prosser says mass production of the 'AirPods Studio' headphones will be completed on October 20. "Now 3 sources have confirmed that AirPods Studio will NOT be at the event." "I suppose they could still announce them at the event on October 13 and send them out later this month or early next," he wrote on Twitter.2. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, AirPods Studio mass production isn't complete until 10/20, which leaves you with a few options. (Screenshot...
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Apple stops selling third-party speakers and headphones ahead of rumored AirPod Studio launch

Apple has pulled all the speakers and headphones it doesn't own from stores, presumably preparing to launch a new HomePod and AirPods. There have been rumors for a long time that Apple will release a smaller, more profitable smart speaker to compete with Amazon's Echos and the new Nest Audio. Removing the speakers from its stores suggests that Apple will replace them with a first-hand solution very soon. Like the speakers, Apple has gotten rid of all the extra headphones too. There are tons of rumors about a new AirPod model of on-ear headphones that are slated to be the company's highest-end headphones to date. If the leaks are correct, users can expect the headphones to be called AirPods Studio and feature active noise cancellation. Bloomberg reports t...
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Apple Granted Patent for Touch Gesture Detection, Headphone Rotation for Upcoming Over-Ear Headphones

Apple has been granted a new patent today for their upcoming over-ear headphones with support for touch gestures and headphone rotation detection. A new report from Patently Apple explains that the patent goes into detail on the touch-based input surface of the new headphones. The surface will detect taps and swipes to perform various actions such as changing volume or playing and pausing music. “The systems and methods described herein may be used, for example, to detect a gesture (e.g., a swipe) received as user input on a touch interface of the headphones, such as a touch interface integrated into an ear piece,” explains the patent. “The gesture may be made in a particular direction, such as down toward Earth.” Those gestures could do all kinds of things including swiping u...