Monday, October 26


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TikTok user shares list of ‘red flags’ she learned from her ‘toxic’ engagement

A woman is going viral after sharing the list of “red flags” she wishes she’d recognized earlier in her engagement.Devin Allen, one of the founders of the breakup advice blog, d.i.y. BreakUp, posted the warning signs in a series of TikTok videos.Allen says she broke off her engagement 90 days before her wedding, after finding out her fiancé was cheating on her. Her TikToks detail the “toxic” and suspicious behaviors she now realizes she should’ve paid closer attention to.In one video, Allen tells a story about seeing her fiancé touching another woman’s thigh in a bar. She says she confronted him later on, but he completely denied [email protected] Gaslighting 101 ##fyp ##relationshipstory ##breakupstory ##gaslighting ##narcissiticrelationship ♬ original ...