Monday, October 26


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Utah outdoor activities to relieve stress and anxiety

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues, many are feeling its effects as stress and anxiety begins to build. Social distancing, at its core, can cause people to feel isolated and disconnected from family members, coworkers, and friends. While it is necessary to practice safe public health options, doing so may negatively impact our mental health and increase stress and anxiety. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),  during late June, 40% of U.S. adults reported struggling with mental health or substance use. Now many are turning to the outdoors to try and combat the negative effects of the pandemic. Research has even shown that spending less than an hour outdoors can positively affect your mood and decrease anxiety ...
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More details surface on PS5 feature that lets you instantly jump into specific parts of games

A clearer look at one of the PlayStation 5’s signature features has seemingly hit the internet. In a since-removed preview of racing game WRC9, Gamereactor mentioned a PS5 feature called ‘Activities’ that will let players instantly jump into specific parts of a game. In the case of WRC9, this means that you can load a desired race right from your PS5 dashboard, without needing to boot up the game and navigate menus to find it. Notably, this sounds exactly like a feature that PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny teased in an exclusive Wired interview last year. “Even though it will be fairly fast to boot games, we don’t want the player to have to boot the game, see what’s up, boot the game, see what’s up,” said Cerny.” “Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set o...