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MANDEL: After 35 years, still no sign of Nicole Morin
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MANDEL: After 35 years, still no sign of Nicole Morin

“I’m going to disappear.”— Nicole MorinAs they left the barn after feeding their horses, Billy Jo Player and her mom suddenly heard high-pitched screams coming from the woods.A little girl, sounding not much younger than she was, was pleading for her life. “Stop. Please. You’re hurting me.”.And then silence. “Oh my God,” her mother said. “It’s that little girl who was taken from Toronto.”Thirty-five years have passed since that day. Player is now 46, the family’s rural property off Horseshoe Valley Rd. has long since been sold and her mom is gone.But those screams still haunt her to this day.“I truly believe I heard Nicole being killed,” she insists.“I know what I heard. My mother knew what she heard. The neighbours heard it as well. Nobody will ever be able to tell me that I did...
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Police investigate possible abduction near Sherbourne and Dundas – CityNews Toronto

Toronto police are investigating a possible case of abduction after an unconscious woman was picked up in vehicle in downtown Toronto Monday. Around 8:45 a.m. the woman was found in a laneway in the Sherbourne Street and Dundas Street East area, and it’s believed she either suffered from a medical episode or an overdose. The woman was reportedly picked up by someone in a blue Kia Rio, but she never made it to hospital. “Someone attended that scene, took this woman and put her in a car, and said they were taking her to the hospital, but they’ve not shown up at the hospital,” Const. David Hopkinson explained. “We’ve not found anyone that matches the description of either the victim or the person who picked her up at a hospital.” The vehicle was later located by police, however ...