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The main cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will remain intact for the new season

By Sarah Curran. 8 hours ago The main stars of "Grey's Anatomy" will return to the show, despite delays in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kim Raver (Dr. Teddy Altman), Camilla Luddington (Jo Karev) and Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) have signed on the dotted line to appear in season 17 of the long-running medical drama. RELATED: Richard Flood, Anthony Hill Become Regulars Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Series As Stefania Spampinato Moves To 'Station 19' According to DeadlineThe new "multi-year contracts" will ensure that the ABC program continues in the future. "'Grey's Anatomy 'is in the midst of a two-year collection that also includes a two-year contract for star Ellen Pompeo, which expires at the end of season 17, "the outlet explains. Speaking about the future ...
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Guest on first season of ‘Shark Tank’ somehow predicts the future

Vulture writer Megh Wright was watching a re-run of “Shark Tank” on CNBC on June 21 when she caught an eery foreshadowing moment during one of the pitches.The first season of “Shark Tank” aired in 2009 and the premise of the reality show is hopeful entrepreneurs propose items and try to convince one or more of the five business titans, or “Sharks,” on the panel, to invest.One of the first season contestants was a woman named Irina Blok, who came on in 2009 to pitch the Sharks “a collection of fashion surgical masks designed for people with an edgy sense of humor who want to express themselves.”An idea which, if it had been proposed right before March 2020, would have been a major success.Blok says she “believ[es] she’s created the next big trend,” but a...