Saturday, October 31

27-inch iMac

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Apple updates 27-inch iMac with new Intel processor and 1080p webcam

Apple has updated the internal hardware featured on its 27-inch iMac. The all-in-one desktop now features Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake processor and higher-resolution 1080p HD webcam instead of the fast-aging 720p sensor included on other Macs. Also, Apple says the new chip T2 all-in-one desktop computer enables tone mapping, exposure control and face detection. According to Apple, all of these enhanced features work with any video conferencing application and not just FaceTime. That said, face detection can't be used to unlock the iMac because it doesn't have Face ID yet, and there's still no fingerprint scanner like Apple's MacBook lineup. However, the company says that the Apple Watch can be used to log into the computer automatically. While a relatively minor webcam update, giv...