Tuesday, December 1

$25 25gb

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Shaw offers a $ 25 / 25GB data plan to its Fiber + Gig Internet customers

Shaw Mobile offers customer deals on the company's Fiber + Gig home Internet packages with a lower cost $ 25 offer on their 'Unlimited Data' plans. Shaw Mobile's unlimited data plan typically costs $ 45 per month for the company's Internet customers. However, those who subscribe to Shaw's high-end Fiber + Gig home Internet packages can save more on the unlimited data plan. Discount applies to Shaw Mobile's 'Unlimited + US & Mexico' plan, which costs $ 35 instead of $ 55. The plan includes 25GB of high-speed data and reduced speeds for customers above that amount. It's worth noting that the 25GB of data is on Shaw's LTE network only, and customers get just 2GB of data to use on the 'Shaw Nationwide' network outside of the company...