Thursday, October 29


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Bell, Telus and Rogers continue to offer $ 75 and 20GB data promotion plans

The $ 75 / month 20GB data plan is the promotion that keeps coming back. The big 3 operators announced an end date of August 24, but they have all resurrected this deal for a back to school special. As before, now for an unknown 'limited time' offer, if you sign up for the promotional plan at Bell, Telus or Rogers, you will get 20GB of high speed data every month followed by unlimited usage at an accelerated speed of up to 512 Kbps Additionally, subscribers get unlimited calling throughout Canada, as well as unlimited text, picture and video messages throughout Canada. All plans include call screen, voicemail, call waiting and conference call. Typically this 20GB plan is priced at $ 85 per month with the same offers. Source: Be...