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How to watch the 2020 fully digital Emmys in Canada

While the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively canceled all major in-person awards ceremonies for the foreseeable future, the show, as they say, must go on. Therefore, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is proceeding with a fully virtual show for the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET. This means that host Jimmy Kimmel will be alone on stage, with only a handful of crew members in the audience to ensure the event runs smoothly. Otherwise, all nominees will video call the ceremony from their respective homes around the world. You will be able to tune in live through Bell's CTV network on television, The Web or through the the CTV app. The particular CTV app is available on a variety of devices, including Android, iOS, Xbox One, Samsung SmartTV ...
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Apple says it expects this year’s new iPhones to launch ‘a few weeks later’ than usual

Apple has confirmed that it expects this year's new iPhone models to arrive a little later than usual. “Last year we started selling new iPhones in late September; This year we expect the supply to be available a few weeks later, "Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said in a July 30 call following the release of the company's third quarter 2020 earnings report. Maestri did not provide a specific reason for the delay. However, this confirms a Wall street journal April report stating that production on the new iPhones would be delayed by about a month due to COVID-19 related supply chain disruptions. Qualcomm also alluded to an iPhone delay this week when it announced that a major 2020 5G flagship phone had been delayed. I...
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Norway has an incredible new game show where the most polite person wins

In a similar vein to CNN's Crossfire, or when your grandfather opens up about his views on "the Northern problem," contentious political debate is coming to Norway. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's new show, Einig?Einig? (Agreed?) takes the bitter, aggressive, spiteful intensity we know to be public political debates out of contention and replaces them with a system that rewards positivity and politeness. The goal of the show isn't to find where the political opponents contend with one another, but instead it aims to bring them together over opinions on which they can both agree. Einig(?) aims to take the competition out of politics and replace it with camaraderie. Imagine if instead of Trump and Clinton lambasting each other for their checkered personal histories, they instead ...
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Ex-Trump supporter’s moving testimonial nails why we’re so exhausted by our president

Upworthy interviewed Tatiana Mac, author of a series of tweets that went viral because she found a way to make a complicated issue coherent and digestible for the masses. She succinctly addressed eight different issues and offers advice, free of charge, for each one. Tatiana MacMac, a Software Engineer based in Portland, Oregon, describes herself as a "Vietnamese American who has started to unpack my own internalized oppression and simultaneous complicity within white supremacy. I experience racism, but not to the extent that Black folks do.""I think that, in many ways, it feels like 'white people have entered the chat' on discussions of race," she said. "Panicked and somewhat new to these discussions, it felt like many people were riding the energy and...
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Super Nintendo World gets unofficial video sneak preview amid COVID-19 delays

Universal Studio’s upcoming Super Nintendo World Japan theme park has received an unofficial video preview. The video in question was recorded by Twitter user @29QuP2 at the Mario-themed park in Osaka, Japan. The brief clip shows off several recognizable characters and items from Nintendo’s famous video game franchise, including spinning shells, coins, a piranha plant, Yoshi and more.6/29パークフロントホテルから見たSUPER NINTENDO WORLD3/31にも見ましたがかなり出来上がっているオブジェクトもいろいろ動いていたし点検も行っている様子オープン延期にはなったけどエリアに入れる日まで気長に待ってます#USJ#USJファン #SUPERNINTENDOWORLD — 29Qu (@29QuP2) July 1, 2020While Universal’s Osaka location reopened to locals on June 8th in a limited capacity, the more extensive Nintendo theme park announced back in ...