Friday, October 23

2020 U.S. election

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The US presidential debate deviates from “How are you?” to ‘Do you want to shut up?’ – The Canadian News

CLEVELAND - It started off quite civilized, with President Donald Trump deliberately walking to his lectern, and Democrat Joe Biden nodding at his opponent and saying, "How are you, man?" Within 15 minutes, the interruptions and conversations between them in Tuesday's presidential debate had deteriorated to the point where Biden blurted out, "You wanna shut up, man?" There were no handshakes to start the first presidential debate of the 2020 general election. The traditional delicacy was one of several formalities abandoned due to the ongoing pandemic. The 90-minute showdown took place in a makeshift discussion room with a crowd of less than 100 people due to coronavirus security restrictions, in an atrium previously set up for use as a hospital for COVID-19 patients. Trump c...