Catalunya Nord is confirmed as the bastion of the French extreme right

Marine LePen has clearly won the French presidential elections in the North Catalonia. The far-right candidate has obtained 32.74% of the votes and far behind her, the French president, Emmanuel Macron has added 20.54% of the support. At first, Mélenchon was in second place in the count, but after completing the count, his third position was confirmed with 19.20% of the votes.

The results of the far-right fiefdom contrast with the general French count in which Macron has been ahead of Le Pen with 27.6% and 23.4% respectively. Even so, Le Pen’s victory in the Catalunya Nord is not surprising. And it is precisely in this southern portion of French territory where his party, Assembly Nationalit’s stronger.

Stronghold of the far right

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It was specifically in Perpinyà, the largest city in the hands of RN and governed by his ex-partner and architect of the party’s moderate turn that began more than a decade ago, Louis Aliotwhere the ultra candidate kicked off her candidacy on July 4, three weeks after the crash in the regionals, and where she also gave her last rally before the elections. More than 3,000 faithful attended that meeting to clothe her.

In fact, the victory of the far-right candidate has been such that she has surpassed the last electoral results of 2017 by almost three points. In those elections, in the first round she obtained 30.05% of the votes followed by Mélenchon who obtained 21 .14%.

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