Catalonia withdraws the use of passport covid in bars and restaurants from this evening

The Scientific Committee assessing the Government’s decision eliminates the medium ante the lack of evidence of its effectiveness

La Delegate commission on matter of the Generalitat have decided this night withdraw the compulsory certificate certificate for bars, restaurants and gyms, living in Catalonia since one month ago. The median enters the vigor of the medianche of the juveniles.

The resolution, presented to these youths in relation to these markets, has yet to be reviewed by the Committee of Experts, which is published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC).

According to the commission, the Òmicron variant, prevalent in the news, “has demonstrated tenure escape and reduce as well as the prevention of infection, in comparison with the Delta variant”, which was the dominant when restoring the passport.

In this mode an important part of the population will be susceptible to infection with the virus, independently of its vacant state or of having passed through the hospital. It is said that “the effectiveness of the obligation to use the certificate covid decreases as a means of adding a security cap”.

The Government has convened a meeting of the delegation of the covid for the month, in the 8 hours, with the end of agreeing on whether to offer one more week or not the covid certificate, but finally the decision was taken at night, three receive the information of the Scientific Assessor Committee.

The Catalan executive publishes this median in the Generalitat Diary of the Generalitat this normative change, which imposes a greater step in the relation of the restrictions. The Generalitat eliminated the week passed the night of this night and for that week the aphorim and the limitation of the meeting to 10 persons were suppressed, meddas que decaen este viernes.

As a result, only the disqualification of the eight-night restriction, which is currently being held at least one more week, even if the Government hopes to announce a letter of recap of the discos.

The covid passport, without embargo, will continue to be mandatory for travel.

Vigente from November

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The covid certificate, which recovers that the caregiver was evacuated against the covid-19, entered in order to access the interiors of bars, restaurants, gymnasiums and senior residences in Catalonia on November 24, was a first attempt to do so which is suspended due to the chaos generated prior to the petition. Never obligatory for the open spaces of bars and restaurants.

In all cases, the argument for the application is due to the increase in contagions and malignant epidemiological data that have been significantly amplified by the numbers of the omicron variant.

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