The coronavirus continues to grow in Catalonia waiting for the Government to decide whether or not to expand the covid passport and ask for it in the restoration, something for which the experts advocate, as this Monday they will transfer to Salut. The figures for this sunday they continue like those of the last days, with a upward trend in indicators and greater health tension, something, however, very far from the levels of months ago due to high vaccination. But nothing negligible: in 24 hours there have been 46 more admissions due to covid, and they are already 470 people who are in hospitals.

Therefore, health officials and experts insist on the need for vaccination and a third dose:

Since Saturday, Catalunya registers again more than 100 patients in the ucis because of the coronavirus (today one more, specifically, 102). This barrier had not been reached since last October 12.

As of this Sunday, the risk of regrowth stands at 199 points (It is considered high after 100) and the virus transmission speed (Rt) is 1.49, so that every 100 infected infects an average of 149 people.

Positivity, towards 5%

The total of officially confirmed positives since the start of the pandemic in Catalonia rises to 1,024,223: of them, 1,291 have been accounted for in the last 24 hours, resulting in an average of about 900 per day in the last week.

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The cumulative incidence of cases confirmed by PCR or 7-day antigen test per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) is 84 cases, eight more than yesterday, while the same indicator at 14 days (IA14) stands at 136 cases, also eight more.

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Positivity -the percentage of CRP and TA with a positive result- continues to increase, up to 4.4%, sustained growth It has been close to 5% for weeks, which is the percentage established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider an epidemic under control.

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