Catalonia has three times as many infections as a year ago, but deaths are a third

Catalonia has, at the moment, triple the number of infections I had last year around these dates. If on December 15, the Ministry of Health registered some 6,978 new cases, on December 15, 2020 there were 2,112. I mean, right now there is 230% more new infections That the last year.

However, that It does not translate into a greater number of admissions in ucis or infections. In fact, both indicators are lower than in December 2020. On Wednesday there were 281 patients with covid-19 in the Catalan ucis, compared to 345 on December 15, 2020. That is, the seriously ill right now are 18.5% less than a year ago. Even so, the ucis are going up a lot every day and, in fact, the Group of Computational Biology and Complex Systems (Biocomsc) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) estimates that the territory will close the year with about 350 patients in these units, a figure like last year.

The same goes for the mortality. If now the average daily deaths in Catalonia is 13, on December 15 of last year it was 39 deaths per day. This is it, now there is 66% fewer deaths by covid-19 than a year ago. Or, what is the same, a third of which there were then.

And this is thanks to the vaccination against coronavirus, that, although it does not protect against contagion, it does prevent serious disease and mortality. In Catalonia a 84,8% of those over 12 years of age already have full agenda of the vaccine. On Wednesday, in addition, the ‘conselleria’ began to vaccinate the children from 5 to 11 years old, and it is also making progress in third doses in those over 60 years of age. Soon those over 40 years of age will also begin to be vaccinated with these booster doses, as approved by the Ministry of Health.

“Two thermometers”

As the Chief of Preventive Medicine at Hospital Clínic explains, Antoni, Trilla, Although the pandemic is “on the rise” right now, it must be measured with two thermometers: one, that of contagions and another, that of income and deaths, which progress to a much slower pace. “The second is going up little by little, although we have to deprogram a little. That can be supported by the system. Countries like Denmark or Norway, with terrible forecasts, have implemented measures not so different from ours, such as indoor masks” , says Trilla. Trilla asks to increase vaccination rates and advance in the third doses. And also, avoid a “crowded” Christmas.

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Experts ask Salut to take restrictions because the exponential growth of cases will bring with it an increase in hospital admissions and deaths. The vaccine is not enough at this point in the sixth wave. This Thursday, the doctor Magda Campins, President of the scientific advisory committee of covid-19, has explained on TV-3 that they finalize a document to deliver this Friday to the Government in which they will urge to accelerate the third doses and in which they will propose more restrictive measures at Christmas: “With the accelerating vaccination is not enough, it would require more restrictions “, said the expert.

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