“Catalonia from the sky”, a bird’s eye view of the Catalan territory

It is the image of the top of a castell in Villafranca the hook to look at”Catalonia from the sky”. It is one of those famous human castles, since 2010 intangible cultural heritage of the unescowhich synthesize the character of the Catalans, “always shooting high, and always united”.

Other shots show an aerial view of Cadaqués, the town of Salvador Dali; and a medieval convent in Horta de San Juan, the town where the inspiration for Pablo Picasso.

It is followed by the Sau reservoir, the Ebro salt mines, a farmhouse in Aristot, in the Catalan Pyrenees, the beaches of Empúries, the geological crest that adorns Montserrat, the city of Barcelona crossed diagonally by the Gran Vía de les Corts Catalans… and so on one by one until completing the 38 large-format photographs by the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, all from the air, that make up the exhibition that accentuates the Catalan countryside and reveals that Catalonia is much more than Barça, Gaudí or the extraordinary views of the Mediterranean.

The ribbon cutting of the exhibition “Catalonia from the sky” was held last Friday, April 8, on the Paseo de la Reformaat the height of number 222, in the Open Gallery of the Walk of Friendly Culturesdedicated to the artistic expressions of representations abroad, where Bertrand’s images can now be seen.

It was up to the delegate of Catalonia in Mexico and Central America, Lleïr Daban, manager of the initiative with the support of the Government of Mexico City, to offer the inaugural tour, in which the Secretary of Tourism of the capital, Rebeca Olivia Sánchez Sandín, took part; Diana Alarcón González, general coordinator of Advisors and International Affairs of the City government; Antonio Prats Mari, Cultural and Scientific Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Mexico, as well as diplomatic representatives and some local governments of the country.

Previously, Daban explained that the exhibition originated in Paris a few years ago and has toured several places, but it is the first time it has set foot on American soil, and plans to tour the states of San Luis Potosí, Veracruz and Jalisco. “It is not very satisfying to be here in Reforma, it is not just any place, it is the heart of Mexico (…) therefore, thank you for letting us be in this space.”

“These images invite us to look at Catalonia in a different way, from a bird’s eye view, to be able to enjoy the cultural and historical heritage that we have in our great little country, which is Catalonia, in another way,” said the delegate.

There are also images of the Catalan coastline made up of beaches, towns and cliffs, rarely seen even by those who have ever been to Girona or Barcelona.

According to the Mexico City government, the Walk of Friendly Cultures It summons up to 300,000 walkers each month, who will be able to enjoy the exhibition until May 1.

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