Catalonia eliminates capacity and meeting restrictions, but keeps nightlife closed

Catalonia approves this Tuesday the relaxation of the restrictions in force by the pandemic in a sixth wave characterized by the omicron variant, which due to its much more contagious nature beats everyone infection records during these two years. The Catalan seriousness in the ban, which contrasted with the relaxation progressive in which lived other autonomous communities, loosen

The government remove capacity constraints in restaurants, gyms and culture, which is currently was 70%. A) Yes, there will be no restriction in the capacity of these spaces, although the health authorities recommend that the tables are not more than 10 people. The veto of the social gatherings of more than 10 people. Changes in restrictions will apply from this Friday 28 January, despite the fact that it is valid for all practical purposes from midnight Thursday to Friday.

Face-to-face fairs and conventions

On the other hand, despite the fact that for days the ‘Minister’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, raised the possibility of temporarily eliminating the covid passport for access to certain institutions, such as restaurants and gyms it holds. Users of these spaces should continue to view them they have been vaccinated to access them. The report of the Advisory Council of Health Specialists is still pending, according to government sources.

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Choice of also the recommendation that the fairs and congresses be held electronically, a resolution to be read in terms of the impending celebration of the Mobile World Congress.

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