Catalonia detects nine cases of the delta plus variant

The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat detected between the months of September and October nine cases from delta plus variant, As reported this Monday at a press conference by the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas.

“It is a small, very small number,” said Cabezas, who, however, underlined the need to monitor this new strain, which according to the first data is 10% more transmissible than the delta variant, although the symptoms and gravity are similar.

Cabezas has stressed that these nine cases detected – four more than those announced last Saturday by the ‘Minister’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon – have not appeared in recent days, but after the analysis and reviews of patients in the last two months .

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“It is a variant that, apart from the mutations of the delta variant, has two other mutations that are in the area where the virus binds to the cell,” said Cabezas, who stressed the importance of controlling its evolution.

In this regard, he has indicated that it is a variant that has existed since June and that it has spread “little by little”, and has pointed out that in the United Kingdom the incidence ranges between 6% and 10%.

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