Catalonia already exceeds the threshold of 5% positives set by the WHO

The epidemic indicators they continue to get worse in Catalonia, where the 5% positive rate set by the WHO has already been exceeded to consider that an epidemic is under control. In addition, there has been another increase in admitted to the ucis, which is already 128, one more. According to updated incidence data this Thursday by the Department of Health, today there are 569 people hospitalized for covid. Faced with this increase in hospitalizations and serious cases, Catalonia will begin to vaccinate those over 60 with the third dose starting next week. In the air is this thursday the extension or not from tomorrow of the covid passport beyond nightlife. It is hoped that if it is approved the vaccination will be accelerated.

The services of primary care attended yesterday to 9,640 covid patients, about 2,000 more than Tuesday of last week, while vaccination remains stagnant in 75% of the inhabitants of Catalonia with the complete schedule, 84% if only those over 12 years of age are counted. The increase in visits to primary care worries Salut, as Carmen Cabezas, Secretary of Public Health, acknowledged yesterday.

More than 2,000 infections

Continuing with the data, the official number of deaths from covid since the beginning of the epidemic amounts to 24,100, seven more than yesterday. And they have been notified 2,251 new infections, the highest figure in recent days.

The risk of regrowth (EPG), an index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic, continues to grow and has stood at 228 points, five more, with which the epidemic curve lines up again vertically and is situated in the Same risk that there was at the end of August, a risk that more than doubled that two weeks ago.

Instead, Another of the benchmark indicators has fallen for days, the Rt, the speed of the virus: this Thursday is 1.37, one hundredths less than yesterday, that is to say, that every 100 infected infect an average of 137 people, on the fourth day that this indicator falls very timidly.

The cumulative incidence of cases confirmed by PCR or 7-day antigen test per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) is 107.2 cases, eighto more than yesterday, while the cumulative incidence at 14 days (IA14) stands at 170 cases, five more.

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The positivity – the percentage of CRP and TA with a positive result – is 5%. The WHO considers that after 5% the epidemic is no longer under control.

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