The republicans accused this Tuesday receipt of the impeachment of Peace Stephen, but, in line with what they have been affirming these weeks, they consider that the crisis is far from over. On the one hand, they require lengthy explanations about the different types of espionage itself: when, why, what information was extracted. Once the details are satisfied, the assumption of responsibilities has a name for ERC: Margarita Robles. Meanwhile, the Generalitat, which as ERC, is not satisfied with the departure of the director of the CNI, will appear as a private prosecution before the National High Court, in order to have first-hand access to all the information on the case.

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The ERC spokesperson, Martha Villalta, has defended in a press conference that the dismissal of the director of the CNI “is not enough & rdquor ;, for which he claims “all the political responsibilities that are necessary & rdquor; in addition to “transparency, declassification and guarantees that it will not happen again & rdquor; spying on independence.

The Republicans have Robles in their sights, not only because she is considered responsible for everything, whether by action or omission, but also because of her ‘foucherist’ defense of the reason of State and the mechanisms that it has. to safeguard itself from ‘threats’ such as the independence movement.

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