Catalan of the Year: Talent Award

THE NEWSPAPER grants this annual recognition since 2000 to a personality who has stood out in Catalonia for his effort, his work or his genius in the social, cultural, artistic, scientific or technological field.

We celebrate the 19th edition of an award that has already recognized Catalans of the stature of the doctor Joan Massagué, the biologist Josefina Castellví, the politician Ernest Lluch, the aid worker Vicente Ferrer, the cook Ferran Adrià, the actor Josep Maria Pou, the singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat or the basketball player Pau Gasol, to name just a few of those already awarded.

Catalonia is a land of talent. Throughout history it has been the cradle of many men and women with commitment, audacity and an entrepreneurial spirit who have left an admirable mark on this world. The list of universal Catalans is vast.

The Català de l’Any is precisely a public recognition of people who help to build a better society. And it is, at the same time, a clear expression of the strong bond that exists between EL PERIÓDICO and Catalan society.

A modern newspaper is one that forms a community of readers, provides a space for dialogue and reflection, encourages coexistence, contributes to the achievement of collective goals and is committed to providing a public service that goes beyond quality information.

That is why EL PERIÓDICO’s dynamic role in Catalan social life is so important through events like today’s.

The winners at the Català de l’Any are made of this kind of pasta that is so much needed in complex moments like the present, in which there is still we fight to overcome the ravages of the pandemic. His example pushes us to believe in the human condition and inspires us to want to pursue our dreams.

At Prensa Ibérica we develop our work from a humanistic and inclusive vision, united to the interests of our readers, and we are proud of the complicity that connects EL PERIÓDICO with the citizens of Catalonia.

This confidence in our way of doing journalism and in our vocation of service is leading the head to broaden our horizons in the digital field.

The has grown by 9% in the last Comscore report and already reaches 12 million 800 thousand unique visitors, with almost 120 million page views per month.

This audience growth is fruit of the impulse that has been the redesign a year ago the digital edition of ‘El Periódico’, with new content and a more agile, dynamic and intuitive navigation.

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In fact, this new design achieved just two weeks ago, to our satisfaction, the award granted by the Associació de Publicacions Periòdiques en Català. The jury considered that with this redesign “EL PERIÓDICO incorporates changes that improve the edition, but maintains intact the values ​​that inspire the work as a Catalan and progress newspaper”.

In Prensa Ibérica we consider that, beyond telling news, our newspapers have the responsibility of accompanying people in their lives, showing them references that, like the winners in the Català del Any, help to build, from constancy, originality and tenacity, a society at the height required by the 21st century.

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