Catalan nightlife and restaurants resort to restrictions en masse

  • They argue before the TSJC that the measures lack “justification and proportionality” and lead to serious problems of coexistence in public space, especially at New Year’s Eve

As they progressed last week, employers’ associations and entities that represent nightlife and restaurants in Catalonia have presented this Monday a Sponsored links to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) against the new restrictions decreed by the Generalitat, including the limitation of gauges and the closing of musical recreational activities.

In a collective statement, representatives of 55 associations and guilds they consider that the measures adopted by the Government “suffer from a lack of justification and proportionality.” In addition, the nightlife sector foresees “problems of coexistence in public space, uncontrolled displacement of young people and proliferation of illegal parties “if the closure of the premises is maintained to End of the year.

In the document they argue the alleged “lack of effectiveness of the measures and irreparable damage to these sectors, during days as important as the Christmas season”, stressing that “there are currently no outbreaks associated with these leisure and catering establishments “. They also defend that the sixth wave “slows its progress on the fourth consecutive day and that there is no alarming situation in Catalan hospitals.”

Opposition and struggle throughout the territory

The appeal has been signed, among others, by the Catalan Federation of Nightclubs (FECALON), the Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia (ASACC), the Association of Nightclub Entrepreneurs of Barcelona and Province, the Association of Española de Disc Jockeys y Productores (AEDYP), the Guild of Catering of Barcelona, ​​the Interregional Federation of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism (FIHRT), the Guild of Hospitality of Tarragona and the Guild of Hospitality of Lleida.

All of them trust that the TSJC “modulates the contradictions and stumbling blocks that the Government gives” about these economic sectors. The losses are encrypted in more than 730 million euros for restoration and 80 million in the nightlife sector, with the involvement of 246,000 workers, and more than 47,300 establishments.

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For its part, another employers’ association that brings together leisure venues and restaurants, the FECASARM, will present another resource also announced in the next few hours. In this case, they argue that the autonomous community cannot dictate restrictions to manage a pandemic, “since it is unconstitutional.” For this reason, they demand the “urgent suspension due to the nullity of all the approved measures,” explained their secretary general, Jaoquim Boadas.

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