Catalan budgets assume an investment record thanks to EU funds

  • The expenditure of the Catalan Administration rises to 38,139 million and the investment of the public sector almost doubles that of 2020

The Generalitat’s budgets for 2022 increase public spending to record figures (5,618 million more) thanks to the incorporation of the fondos Next Generation (2,142 million) from the European Union for post-pandemic reconstruction. The Government has highlighted the increase in social and infrastructure investments, as well as in the area of Health, worth 1,456 million. 749 million are allocated to housing, as EL PERIÓDICO advanced. All this in accounts that comply with the directive that requires keeping the deficit at bay at 0.6% of GDP.

The main figures show an increase of 5,618 million in expenses (17% more than in 2020), the incorporation of 2,142 million of the European funds and tax stability. Thus, despite the fact that the ‘Minister’ of Economy, Jaume Giró, has suggested on more than one occasion its willingness to reduce personal income tax to the lowest incomes, in the accounts approved this Tuesday at the Consell Executiu there is no significant variation with respect to taxes, nor are the environmental. This decision may respond to Giró’s decision to keep a negotiating letter with the CUP in the processing of the accounts.

With regard to own taxes, an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions of vehicles, going from 39 million in the 2020 budget to 160 in the next year. An increase in collection is also foreseen based on ceded taxes (inheritance, donations and patrimony, as well as patrimonial transfers) for a value of 434 million.

It is not expected from the outset to modify the tax policy despite the demands of the CUP and Giró’s nods to low incomes


Health spending increases by 900 million euros, of which 320 correspond to European funds. In addition, another 500 million are set aside for covid management given the evidence that the State will not extend the funds allocated to the autonomies for this purpose. Investment in primary care has increased from 12% to 17%. The CUP demands that the agreement in the investiture pact be fulfilled to reach 25% of investment destined specifically to outpatient clinics.

Social politics

In social policy, the guaranteed income of citizenship -that received by families in a more unfavorable economic situation- 400 million euros will be allocated. The Government plans to manage – if negotiations with the State are successful – also the Minimum Vital Income in Catalonia, a benefit created by the Government and that the Generalitat plans to manage, which would save about 150 million euros. In the Department of Social Rights the percentage increase is 30%. It goes from 2,900 million to 3,800. An increase largely favored by European funds, given that the increase without them would be 9%.

More investment

One of the chapters that experiences a more notable economic injection is that of the public investments, which were severely curtailed in the stage of budget cuts dictated by the Government of Artur Mas. The Government plans to invest 3,961 million in infrastructure. An increase of 1,900 million compared to the accounts of 2020. The forecast figure reverses a trend of very discreet investments since 2013. And it is approaching the high points before the 2008 crisis: in 2009, 5,235 million were still invested.

The planned Next Generation funds represent an extra 2,142 million, although the State stops injecting ‘covid funds’

Staff increase

In the personnel chapter, the accounts foresee an increase in endowments of 28,882 places, mainly in the field of health (17,663), followed by education (5,500) and Mossos, firefighters and rural agents (1,122 places).

One of the chapters that is still far from the promises of investment is that of culture. The ‘conselleria’ increases the budget by 85 million, but it is still far from the 2% of the budget, a target for the end of the legislature. Currently the figure represents 1.3% of everything the Government spends.

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A plan that is part of the commitments with the CUP also remains in modest numbers: the creation of a public energy company. They are hardly destined 500.000 euros for the implementation of the plans to carry it out. The figure regarding the study of a universal income of citizenship (another claim of the CUP included in the agreement with ERC) is also modest: 4 million euros.

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