• The PP wants to lose muscle in order not to lose the governing body first with Vox and the PSOE realizes that the 13-F can be a national key player

For the first time, a quote with the urns in Castilla y León excludes exclusive electoral focal points of Spanish politics. Habrá al menos otros comicios este año, los de Andalusia, and both will be the antelope of the super-electoral year 2023, in which they will be municipal, autonomous and general (if these are the last ones). By the way, on February 13th, there will be a maximum of 2.1 million electrons tendering in its own amount more than the share of the 81 prosecutors of the Cortes of Castile and Leon. Because in this community we also examine, as a minimum, the izquierdas coalition in the central government and the strategy of Pablo Casado in the PP.

The PSOE has not yet reached the target of adversarial inquiries. Some probes, however, indicate a frenzy in the expectations of the PP and the CIS, an empathy between the two forces. As predicted in 2019, recuerdan, when the socialists in the final superaron the estimation and won the comics, although no governing powder. En Ferraz y en el PSOE de Castilla y León insists that the party “is active, animated & rdquor ;,” coordinated “and” united “in turn to its leader and candidate, Luis Tudanca. There are 15 days for delante & rdquor ;, subrayan, distacando que el “bulo & rdquor; of the macrogranjas have not taken as querían the popular.

For the Socialists, their activity is the same in opposition and the advertising of the “change & rdquor; over 35 years of PP governors. También su dominio en el urban vote: dirigen el 62% de los municipios de más de 1,000 habitantes y cinco de las nueve capitales de provincia. Creen que habrá partido si PP y Vox no suman, puesto que Podemos, Cs o Spain Vaciada you can have more to deal with them.

Pedro Sánchez participates in four campaigns. In Ferraz remarks that the Chief of Staff “did not play anything & rdquor ;, just because it happened, because two years of legislation and the 13-F and then the Andalusians” did not open the door of the Moncloa & rdquor ;, as the PP said. “Pero ojo, que [Alfonso Fernández] Mañueco no es [Isabel Díaz] Ayuso y puede ser la Susana Díaz de Castilla y León& rdquor ;, announces an important alkali specified in the PSOE by its olfato. It is said that the regional president, in his opinion, “could acabar arresting Pablo Casado & rdquor ;.

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Pablo Casado knows that the PP in Castilla y León with Vox learns as an adder from what he can do between two years General elections. The Conservatives aspire to repeat in the February 13 elections the immediate victory that has been awarded Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Mayo. The Madrileña leader praised the absolute majority and did not give a margin to the ultra-right formation for the powder to have no board in the Autonomous Government. Vox voted for its investor and asked for some requirements to respond to them Regional presuppositions, but it does not have enough power to advertise the power of power. Without embarrassment, now the radicals have announced to the PP that Qerran will enter the Gobierno even if only a ridiculous number of prosecutors for that Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), first in all cases, it was elected president again. In Genoa they are obliged to this coalition, because the PSOE and the United States are campaigning for the general campaign.

Ciudadanos vuelve a cruzar una cuerda floja. Through the grave caida in escanas in las Catalan elections and the disappearance of the Madrid Assembly, the orange formation aspires to find a number of procurators in the Cortes of Castile and Leon that is conquered in bisagra del futuro Gobierno. The direction of Inés Arrimadas confirmed in December finals as candidate in the elections to Francisco Igea, haste hace un mes vicepresidente de la Junta. According to the tense relationship between the president and him (both will be held in primary schools in March 2020), the rupture of the coalition that decided on a unilateral Mañueco form has meant that both will be a truce. 10 months ago, Pablo Casado abrió las puertas “de par en par & rdquor; of the PP to the leaders of Ciudadanos and hope that in these elections the orange voters, ante el desmoronamiento a kämara lenta de la formation, apuesten por Mañueco.

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In full pre-campaign, the candidacy of United Nations for the presidency of Castile and Leon, Pablo Fernándezrecognition that the bulge is about Alberto Garzón and the macrogranjas have the right of way in the electoral competition. And now you can use this database in our seminars. Eso sí, pretenden “esforzarse & rdquor; in order to have other themes, such as the situation of the public services.

Castilla y León supone uno de los principals retos para los morados, con mayors apoyos en las big cities y escaso respaldo en el rural world. To counteract this effect, the national board of Unidas Podemos will fill it out. The General Secretariat of the Morados, Ione Belarra, y Garzón, participates in various acts. Without embarrassment, pay attention to the attendance of Yolanda Díaz. The leader of Unidas Podemos in the Gobierno will only attend an event, which will not take place at all.

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Vox wants to change strategy. The party of Santiago Abascal find the elections in Castile and León with the aim of being key to governance. That the PP needs and they make their votes. The ultras, with Juan García-Gallardo as a list of caves, prevent the 12 assistants in the Cortes, even if the questions are between 5 and 10 scans. Currently only one has one. To log in, the Abascal property will enter the election campaign, visiting the 9 provinces.

The extreme right party wants to change the dynamics of negotiation that took place in the previous electoral cycle, in which the governing body of the PP with Cs exchanged compromises. The premise, now, is to lift their requirements and, at the moment, do not go down without asking them enters the Autonomous Government if it is necessary to enforce the mandate of the popular. Moreover, the result will be a thermometer for training in one of the territories in which, a priori, there are more supports.


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