Casov de Covid-19 bay in Nuevo León; sub-hospitalizations: Secretaría de Salud estatal

Monterrey, NL. If the incidence of diarrhea of ​​confirmed cases is up to January 30, it has been in the bay for the last 14 days, with 2,031 positive cases of Covid-19the total number of hospitalizations has shown a tendency to do so during the same period, has reached 985 inpatients and 151 patients intubated, informs the Secretariat of Health.

As recorded, the 19th of January the highest number of cases was recorded in a single day from the beginning of the pandemicwith 7,207 cases, while the 24th year descended to 2,725 persons that were positive, and later also increased another peak of 6,073 cases the past 27th year.

A total of 426,938 positive cases were counted, and a total of 15,367 malfunctions, of which 25 occurred 25 people.

Cabe points out that the group of 25 to 44 years has maintained the number of contagios more than during these 14 days, and although it is in French descent, todavia is the segment of the population with more contagious persons, with 932 cases, followed by the group stage of 45-59 years, with 452 cases, at the end of 30 years.

The Secretariat of State Health, Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, commented that the hospital capacity is 41% occupancy, out of a total of 2,321 beds in the health system of Nuevo León.

Health staff

The cases of Covid-19 in the health staff are 1,658 at 30, with 57 suspicious cases, which generates an impact of 13% in the state health system’s austerities. This number has recovered 469 patients.

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