Casado tries to dilute Ayuso and she enhances her international agenda before the PP convention

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Pablo Casado is not willing to ranch apart with Isabel Diaz Ayuso nor with the Madrid PP, the territorial division in which the party leader grew up, who was not in vain at the beginning of the organization of New Generations in the Community of Madrid.

Within the growing tension between the president of the first opposition party and that of the Puerta del Sol Government, the popular national leadership made clear on Monday several insurmountable lines regarding the next PP congress in Madrid. And, incidentally, he tried to dilute Ayuso as one of the regional baronies, despite his overwhelming success in the regional elections on May 4, which now allows him to govern alone.

The same electoral triumph that drives his leadership, to the point of promoting his international agenda and his next trip to the US, just in the weeks before the national convention that Casado prepares with so much care. A conclave in which the presence of Ayuso is not yet guaranteed and which will be held at the beginning of October in Valencia, but which will previously have an itinerant route in other Spanish cities with the participation, among others, of the former presidents of the Government José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy.

Just six days after the hostilities between Genoa and Sol began, when at an informative breakfast on the 7th, Casado avoided supporting Ayuso in his intention to preside over the PP in Madrid – in the hands of a manager in recent years after the convulsions episodes that the game experienced with two of Ayuso’s predecessors, Cristina Cifuentes and Ignacio González– the tension kept growing. Ayuso fired first in an interview early on esRadio, where he asked the national leadership to advance the regional congress, scheduled for the first semester of 2022, although without a specific date yet.

A few hours later the number two of the PP, Teodoro Garcia EgeaIn his usual press conference after the ordinary meeting of the steering committee, chaired by Casado, he closed the door to this claim. “By an agreement of the National Board of Directors [el órgano del PP que aglutina a todos los barones territoriales] the congresses of the uniprovincial autonomous communities will be held in the first semester of 2022. That is a rule that we are all going to comply with, and that the national leadership of course will comply with “stated García Egea bluntly.

Casado’s right hand did not stay there and treated Ayuso (whom he hardly mentioned) as one more leader at all times.

Asked about why last June, in a television interview, he supported her to preside over the PP in Madrid, the secretary general of the popular threw together an answer in which he came to compare the head of the regional Executive with mayors of the party in small municipalities in the region such as Majadahonda, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Torrejón de Ardoz or Boadilla del Monte, which, he explained, he would also have supported if they applied as Ayuso did. “These mayors won a comfortable or absolute majority two years ago, at a time when you don’t see many absolute majorities, and there they are developing their work with great diligence,” he emphasized.

Teodoro García Egea.

Teodoro García Egea.


The message could not be more obvious: Ayuso is one more, and not even one first among equals. Egea included in the shortlist, how could it be otherwise, the first mayor of the capital of Spain, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who in public statements again left open the possibility of fighting for the presidency of the PP in Madrid.

Convention or the US?

But as if all this were not enough, the number two of the PP did not show excessive enthusiasm for Ayuso’s eventual participation in the party’s national convention. Asked about it, Egea once again chose the path of ninguneo: “All the regional presidents are invited to the convention, and I believe that as regional presidents that they are, belonging to the PP, I am sure that all of them will be in the convention in person. , and working so that very soon the PP reaches La Moncloa and Pablo Casado is the president of the Government. I am sure that we are all in that, and not in other questions. ”

PP sources confirmed that the regional presidents are invited to participate in the central weekend of that convention, the next two and three October in the capital of Turia. Specifically, they will have their space on Saturday, while on Sunday the third will be the great closing act that Casado will star in the Plaza de Toros of the Valencian capital. Meanwhile, sources from Ayuso’s environment assured that “he will do everything possible to return from the US on time, but we are still closing the agenda for that trip, which is complex and has been preparing for months.”

In addition to that visit, Ayuso has been intensifying his interviews with international media for days. In fact, this Monday he was in Milan, where his team boasted of having obtained prime-time interviews both on Mediaset, the owner of Telecinco, and on RAI, Italy’s public channel. The Madrid president was also noted In an interview at Corriere della Sera on the occasion of the award of an award for his management of the pandemic.

Casado presides this Monday the steering committee of the PP.

Casado presides this Monday the steering committee of the PP.


This being the case, there are three possible scenarios: that Ayuso does not even make an appearance at the PP national convention, without prejudice to the fact that he could participate in a live telematic way or with a canned message; that the blood does not reach the river and is finally participating on Saturday together with its autonomous counterparts or, a third intermediate option, that it reaches the end of the convention, on Sunday, but is absent from the space reserved for regional presidents.

Despite the increasingly rarefied climate, sources on both sides assure that the relationship between Casado and Ayuso, very intense and deep for years (it was the leader of the PP who in 2019 supported a then unknown leader as a candidate for the regional de Madrid), has not suffered and they continue to speak almost daily. Undoubtedly, everything related to the PP in Madrid and its congress will be a tough test for that political and personal relationship.

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