Casado summons the leadership of the Popular Party after the protest against him in Madrid

The President of the People’s Party, Paul Married, has called what will be the meeting of the Steering Committee of the most important party of his life. It is for this Monday, according to various sources of the formation they have been letting go of the end of the protest concentration that this morning has met at the gates of the PP’s national headquarters.

The meeting is set for eleven in the morning this Monday, as usual the weekly meetings of that committee that the PP held every start of the week before the pandemic ended the custom. There is only one issue on the agenda, the predictable one: the state of division in which the party finds itself plunged after the outbreak of the confrontation between Casado’s leadership and the general secretary, Teodoro Garcia Egeawith the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

The Madrid leader, first Casado and García Egea, publicly accused her of letting her brother benefit in an “irregular” way from a contract selling masks to the Madrid government in the midst of the hard phase of the pandemic; and after her, this Saturday, she ended up admitting the explanations that she has given publicly about that contract through two advisers to her government. The sale gave the health intermediary Tomás Díaz Ayuso more than 55,850 euros of profits in what one part of the party has described as commission and another calls professional “consideration”.

In the leadership of the Popular Party there is deep concern about a confrontation that has weakened the figure of the national leader and the most emerging of its autonomous baronies, and also after an electoral operation in Castilla y León that has not met expectations. The majority opinion among the leaders calls for an extraordinary congress, given that the majority also believes that it would not be enough to stanch the “bleeding” that the party is suffering – this is how the president of the Xunta de Galicia described it, Alberto Nunez Feijoo– with a simple dismissal of number two, the Murcian García Egea.

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The meeting of the PP leadership will not be the only thing that happens on Monday morning around this open war and the business around which it revolves. The general secretary of the PSOE-M, John Lobato, has announced this Sunday that it will take to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office data on four new contracts between the Community of Madrid and companies linked to the brother of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, reports EFE. The Madrid PSOE is going to demand that the president appear before the Madrid Assembly.

The Socialists are going to “supervise and demand that the PP show its face in the courts and the investigative commissions of the parliaments,” said Lobato at the closing ceremony of the XV Regional Congress of Socialist Youth, held in Aranjuez.

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