Casado defends that Puigdemont be “tried in Spain for his blow to constitutional legality”

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Pablo Casado, leader of the PP, has affirmed after the arrest of Carles Puigdemont advanced by EL ESPAÑOL, that “he must be tried in Spain for his blow to constitutional legality.” He added that “Sánchez must commit to respecting the judgment of Justice without pardons in exchange for remaining in power.” This has been expressed through Twitter.

For her part, the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has described the arrest of the former Catalan president as “good news for all democrats”. “I hope he can be transferred to Spain and answer for his actions. No one should have impunity nor be above the law“, has affirmed using the same social network.

The also former president of the Catalan Generalitat Quim Torra has limited himself to saying “Courage and strength“in a tweet reporting the arrest.

From Vox they have celebrated the arrest remembering that his party is the popular accusation before the Supreme. This has been stated by Marta Castro, National Legal Deputy Secretary of the party.

Ignacio Garriga, leader of Vox in Catalonia, also spoke: “Puigdemont must be immediately handed over to Spain to answer for all the crimes committed against all Spaniards.”

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