Casado and Abascal gather with police and guards against the reform of the citizen security law

  • The PP has deployed the positions of its executive in various cities to support the mobilization of police unions

Union representatives of the Civil Guard and of all police forces, except the Mossos d’Esquadra, as well as drafting agents have attended this noon at the doors of the Government delegations and sub-delegations in all the provincial capitals to express their rejection of a reform of the Citizen Security Law, dubbed by its critics ‘Gag Law’.

They have attended the rally in Madrid the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, and that of Vox, Santiago Abascal, the two leaders of the parties of the right that dispute the influence in the protest of the agents. The Popular Party, in fact, has deployed several positions of its national executive in the mobilization: Cuca Gamarra and Ana Vázquez also in Madrid, Ana Beltran in Barcelona, Pablo Montesinos In Malaga, Jaime Olano in Lugo, Belén Hoyos in Valencia, Antonio González Terol in Zaragoza and Javier Maroto in Segovia.

For his part, the Vox leader has participated together with the leaders Javier Ortega-Smith and Macarena Olona, in addition to several deputies from the far-right formation.

The rallies have proceeded without incident, with a participation that sources on the platform rate as “very positive” convener, “No to Insecure Spain”, made up of 40 police groups under the leadership of the Unified Police Union and the Unified Civil Guard Association. The Jusapol union franchises, rivals of the other two centrals, have given their support to the demonstration, which they have displaced from the majority representation in the two bodies of State Security. Due to the dispersion of the protest, there is no count of participants.


During the rallies, the platform No to Insecure Spain has released a statement read on the street in which it explains that the protest is due to “the imposition of the Government and its partners of a modification of the Citizen Security Law without dialogue and arbitrary “and to the” fed up felt by the majority of the citizens and the police of this country, who are committed to the integrity of society and the rule of law. “

The organizers have warned that police actions “are being compromised by the loss of the principle of authority”, which they consider “fundamental in the protection of constitutional order and social peace” and have predicted that “attacks on policemen” in the future “will be further aggravated with the approval of this law.”

The statement deplores some of the proposals for reform or cancellation of the law that have transcended, for the moment only in the media, and that most ignite the opposition of the agents: the retention time limitation to two hours of an undocumented person, the elimination of the presumption of veracity in the complaint of a policeman, the limitation of anti-riot equipment, the disappearance of the obligation to notify a call for a demonstration and the reduction of offenses for possession of narcotics in the street.

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In the opinion of the platform, the reform of the law “contributes to the creation of a more unprotected and unsupportive society with the citizens who do believe in order and coexistence.” “Today’s mobilizations they will only be the first step “, he warns.

In fact, the mobilization of this Wednesday has become the prologue of the demonstration that jusapol and dozens of adhering police organizations have called for this Saturday in Madrid, to which the leaders of Vox and PP, in addition to the president, are scheduled to attend. Madrilenian Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

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