Carriers in Cancun ask for greater road safety

Cancun, QR. Road chaos and delays in the transfers to Cancún International Airport was one of the main affectations that generated the manifestation of cargo transporters, which demanded simultaneously in several cities of the country greater safety on the roads.

The protest in Cancun, which lasted for more than seven hours, was made up of a caravan of more than 100 vehicles, who gathered at 08:00 a.m. this Tuesday, March 22, at the review booth on Avenida José López Portillo, at what is the point of entry or exit to Mérida, to start your journey to the junction with Bonampak Avenue, and then take Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard to Cancun International Airport.

José Alberto Estrella, Mexican Alliance of Carrier Organizations (Amontac), stated that “we decided to take to the streets and demonstrate because apparently it is the only way to be heard. We want you to be aware of the difficulties we face with endorsements, whose costs go up every year, now they are around 7,000 pesos, and it is very difficult for us to comply with it, more so in these times where the work has decreased due to the pandemic.”

Authorities require us to work with units that are no more than 10 years old, which puts them at a disadvantage as we lack the resources to buy another more recent model unit, he added.

The protest was also aimed at the deputies of the Local Congress, so that they echo their requests in order to have laws focused on meeting the needs of citizens in general, and of the carriers in particular, said Adelfo Castillo Mora for his part , local leader of the Regional Mexican Workers Confederation (CROM).

Both leaders emphasized that another point that affects them in the so-called Carte Porte, as they are including them in that package, when they only provide a local service, however, they put them that requirement as those who perform merchandise transfers in federal sections .


On issues of insecurity on the highways, they stated that so far this year more than 10,000 operators have been violated and/or murdered nationwide, for which they ask for greater vigilance on federal highways.

The non-conformists indicated that the caravans of carriers in Quintana Roo were held in three cities: Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, with the participation of some 600 units belonging to all the entity’s unions.

The protests lasted until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday and ended at the bridge of the Moon Palace hotel, on the Cancun-Playa del Carmen highway.

In the most critical moments, the road chaos generated a line of cars of more than 30 kilometers, advancing at the turn of the wheel along the only communication route that links the Cancun-Playa del Carmen-Tulum corridor, and it is the only way to Arrive at Cancun International Airport.

José Cuauhtemoc Bizarro Galván, Federal Tourist Transportation Owner and United Afternative Riviera Transport President of the Riviera (Tour) said the most critical hours between 09:30 and noon, because the transfers to the airport came to delay among a hour and a half and two hours, which forced them to take precautions to prevent any tourist from missing their flight.

Around 4,000 tourist transport units were affected by road chaos, not to have particular caos, as well as those of transportation of personnel, transfer of values ​​and transport of merchandise that were trapped up for two hours in the road chaos.

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