Carousel of visits to Pollo Carvajal: notaries, policemen and lawyers interview him daily in prison

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The hustle and bustle is constant daily in the Estremera prison since Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios, alias ‘El Pollo Carvajal’, entered one of its modules two weeks ago. Almost every day someone stops by to see him.

“They are interviewing him daily, police officers who come to talk to him,” they say in prison sources to EL ESPAÑOL. ‘El Pollo Carvajal’ was for eight years head of the Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela: the last of Hugo Chávez, the first of Nicolás Maduro.

Agents, acting as Judicial Police, are now going to meet with him to expand their investigations on the fronts that he has open in the National Court.

The National Police investigators in charge of various investigations on which ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal could treasure valuable information come, as this newspaper has learned, with authorizations for “investigative work.” They also do it under the concept of “police officers”.

They are not the only ones who are dropped by there. Also, they are happening to see you lawyers. Even some notary. In this way, the prison officials are re-experiencing with this inmate the same feeling that they had during the three years that Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo was in prison: for some reason, there was always someone interested in making an appointment with that prisoner .

Now, as then, visits to ‘El Pollo’ have become a real “carousel”, according to the sources consulted. Carvajal is one of those prisoners whose profile is juicy due to the information and interesting material that he claims is in his possession.

The man who (says he) knew too much.

The man who (says he) knew too much.

Thomas Serrano

The visits, which began on September 13, had been established until September 30. However, it has been decided to extend these entries until the beginning of October.

At the beginning of last week Carvajal issued a statement in which he said open to “collaborate” with the “Spanish Justice”, but not with the “Spanish Government”.

For him, Moncloa would have “violated laws in order to illegally extradite me to the States United”. ‘El Pollo’ spread those words after declaring in the National Court before Judge Manuel García Castellón. There he promised, in the framework of a series of secret proceedings opened by international terrorism, that he will support his testimony with documentary evidence that he will send to the magistrate.

Defend your innocence

Carvajal was detained by the National Police, as revealed by EL ESPAÑOL, on the night of September 9 in Madrid after two years on the run in which he remained unaccounted for. The United States demands por drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to introduce drugs into US territory.

The terrace of the apartment where they located him was full of large plants that made it difficult to see from the outside into the building. But despite this barrier, El Pollo ‘Carvajal behaved in an extraordinarily cautious way: he never left the main rooms of the house.

If he did, it was only at night and to get some fresh air, but always behind the thick vegetation on the balcony of the apartment, a third floor at number 123 Calle Torrelaguna (Madrid). And of course, in disguise, camouflaging his appearance under false mustaches and wigs. During the day, it never occurred to him to set foot outside.

Meanwhile, a woman, to whom the rental of the house was in the name, was the one who took care of him and provided him with everything he needed. He was not always in that property. In fact, he did not spend more than three months in the same place, or in the same city. Thus, by leapfrog, he survived for two long years dodging Justice.

This was the arrest of Hugo Armando ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal

Despite the accusations that weigh on him, the former Venezuelan military man defended his innocence in last week’s statement against those who accuse him of a “narco-terrorist.” Alluded to “human rights” and their “right to have the necessary guarantees for a defense and the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Will remain in prison

Meanwhile, while waiting to learn the valuable information that he may have in his possession, Carvajal will remain in prison and will not be extradited to the United States. The Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has rejected his request to be released provisionally with precautionary measures due to the “high” risk of his escape.

Carvajal had requested his release as a result of the Court’s decision to provisionally suspend his extradition to the United States until his request for asylum and international protection was resolved.

In a resolution known this Tuesday, the magistrates of the Third Section recall that not only did he not appear before the National Court once he learned that his prison had been decreed as a result of the Plenary’s decision to extradite him to the United States, but that remained in hiding until discovered and detained.

“There has been an authentic escape from the moment it has not been brought to justice, regardless of the fact that it has not left Spain, which entails the need to maintain its current prison situation, once the extradition has been judicially and governmentally resolved, and only pending to materialize with the firmness of the denial of asylum and international protection, “says the Chamber.

The Court indicates that unconditional imprisonment is justified to ensure the maintenance of the extradition procedure and, where appropriate, delivery to the United States. “The suspension of this materialization is, even legitimate, one more maneuver to delay the extradition, which in no way can favor a fugitive such as the one claimed.”

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