Carlota Casiraghi debuted as a Chanel model to Bianca Jagger in Studio 54, mounted on horseback

Hasta ahora no se había hecho an entrance tan triunfal a lomos de un caballo since Bianca Jagger enters inside a white ring to the mythical Studio 54 to celebrate his companions, only at the mid-70s Celebrities like Halston, Minelli o Warhol if any of the drug and alcohol addictions are listed below, please note that the list includes more than one list. When it comes to Bianca beer, rumor has it that a similar model was worn and passed over the vicarage temple.

Y, as I knew the example, for the complements of Dolly Parton llevaron a couple of vacations, y otras veces, hasta leopardos y leones.

Everything is alive and well Chanel wanted to emulate that moment in the history of fashion and the jolgorio in full Semana de la Moda de Paris, subject to this Carlota Casiraghi, his official ambassador from the finals of 2019, to lomos de otro caballo (negro), to inaugurate his Alta Costura parade.

La hija de carolina de Mónaco has received an unprecedented spectacle in the French ‘fashion’ quote, perfectly equipped with a impecable -y recatado- traje, as mandan the canons. Do not fold or the helmet. Ni the aristocratic gesture.

The Amazon, 35 years ago, has been protagonized by the house distinguished campaign publications y el ‘fashion film’ with the one Chanel adelantó este lunes algunas piezas de su pasarela de este martes, pero nunca antes la joven había participat o subido a un pasarela.

Dress with a Chanel blue navy trajectory trajectory with the company’s second tweed jacket, the monarchical princess Casiraghi has opened el pase para la primavera-verano 2022 to compose an original composition by Sébastien Tellier. Salió a Congratulations to finalist Virginie Viard and French contemporary artist Xavier Veilhan, creator of the decorative erected in front of the Torre Eiffel.

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Joven merged this March with a different act of his passions: the hippie, deport que practica des de pequeña, y la moda, que la ha llevado a protagonizar campaignas para otras casas de renombre, como Gucci.

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