Caribbean Business Company’s ambient day in Cozumel

Cancun, QR. The Caribbean firm Muelles, commissioned to build the Cozumel cruise ship fleet, has issued a position respecting the groups that oppose this operation, ensuring that there is no saturation of ports in the island, as argued by its detractors.

According to the position of the company sent to The Economist, it is supported by the main argument of the agreement between the Mexican Center of Derecho Ambiental (Cemda) against the mill, in the sense that “there are enough cruisers in the island, with seat positions of world class attraction, the one who wants to have one more ”.

For this purpose the company is based on information from the Integral Portuguese Administration of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo), according to the cual, the Portuguese occupation shows a tendency to increase crime by 26% between 2015 and 2019, the percentage that is estimated to be one recovered in 2023.

“While the annual occupancy rate has dropped by 53% in 2019, as the Ecological Collective argues, it is also a sign that there is a market that is concerned with tourism and is subject to highs and lows. If the data are disaggregated, the saturation of the mounds during the months considered as high altitude, in the peak days the capacity is restored, which impedes the periodic and continuous arrival of more embankments “, argues Muelle del Caribe.

With regard to the Punta Langosta mouth that the ambientists ensure that it is converted into a white elephant in a vein that is undergoing operation a soft quarter in Cozumel, Muelles del Caribbean specifies that the work alone responds to the constant demands of other people who do not know and operations operations available at any of the current terminals, performing a major inversion to create the market.

Niegan adds that a quarter of an hour has passed since Cozumel announced the launch of a cruise liner, while arguing that of the current of the current terminals, in the manner that, in order to enter the vanguardia and maintain the position as a world class destiny, adequate infrastructure is required ”.

“The new mill will not only be able to accommodate Cozumel in the crusade market, it will increase its capacity to receive embarrassments and tourists and it is obvious that the mills are being built for future operations and not the current ones, for which there is a need mayors dimensions frente a las que presentan los muelles actualen ”, adds the company.

In addition, it is directly related to the Sand Dollar company to exploit since 2008 the zone in which the new mill is currently being projected and authorized, because it ensures that there is an economic interest and no ambiguous interest that exists between the opposition and the mill. .

Ultimately, it states that the accusations against it are that “we will destroy protected species under NOM-059, in addition to causing serious problems in the navigation and emerging activities of marine rescue”.

In respect may state that, in order to authorize the MIA, the Seminarat corroborates coordinates and finds individuals listed in NOM-059-SEMARNAT 2001, confirming one or more months, from the existing MIA, a majority of arenas, type, with layers yerbas cuffs in poor condition ”, added Muelles del Caribe.

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