Car sales, at its highest level since 2012

New vehicle sales in Mexico are up 3.7% to 78,585 units in January, leveling the highest in the first half of 2012, with figures reported by the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi).

“This level of commercialization is positioned as the lower level observed for a similar level since 2013 and is on the market at similar levels a few decades ago,” said Guillermo Rosales, President of the Mexican Automobile Distributors Association (AMDA).

To realize its sales of sales in the month of 2022, Rosales says that the economic downturn, the lack of inventory and the problems of cutting chips due to the industry for the commercialization of cars, which for the time being during the first semester.

“The result of January shows the persistence of the deterrent in the market, marking the first negative tax of 2022 and the fifth consecutive reduction initiated from September 2021. This figure results from the limited availability of inventory available by the sector” , express. With these figures, the market for light vehicles in January is based on AMDA’s expectations (83,612 units).

The company with the largest volume of sales in Mexico, Nissan, presented a power stroke around 21 per cent.

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