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The Avenir Québec Coalition (CAQ) will present a candidate on the Marie-Victorin promenade, vacated by the newly elected mayor of Longueuil.

Prime Minister François Legault, who made the announcement this morning arriving at his party’s general meeting in Trois-Rivières, Que., Says he had given Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon a week to express his intentions. , but maintains that his rival is playing his thumbs.

Legault says he could have respected the tradition that allows a new party leader to run unopposed in a given race, had Plamondon stepped up.

The PQ leader, who took command in October 2020, does not hold a seat in the National Assembly.

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It is currently up to the party’s parliamentary leader, Joel Arseneau, to hold Legault to account during the question period.

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Legault says that the fact that Québec Solidaire chose to run a candidate at Marie-Victorin also influenced his decision to do the same.

Liberals have said they plan to postpone presenting a nominee if the other parties agree to do the same.

“We have decided that we will present a candidate, probably a candidate, in Marie-Victorin,” Legault said on Saturday.

He said the by-election in that riding will be held after Christmas, adding that he does not want to “impose on the town of Longueuil a third election in three months” after the federal and municipal campaigns.

The seat in Marie-Victorin was vacated last week after Catherine Fournier was elected mayor of Longueuil.

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