Captain Canada to the rescue!

Thus, the federal government will show us how to manage our health care system.

I hope that Captain Canada will make our health care system as efficient as its payroll system and its Department of Immigration — which, as everyone knows, are models of efficiency recognized around the world.

Not to mention its Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of External Affairs, which are the envy of heads of state around the world.


Look how formidable we are vis-à-vis Russia!

Putin thinks of Canada and is shaking in his panties.

When NATO sent 30,000 soldiers to Norway to protect the Arctic, Canada did not hesitate for two seconds and provided… ten soldiers.

Yes sir !

Ten !

We don’t look at the expense, in Canada!

The international community needs us? Let’s go !

We send our ten best!

Let Putin take it for granted, as L’Action Catholique would have thundered!

Boys, the Arctic is threatened! We must send ten of our best men! Write your name on a little piece of paper and put it in the hat, we’ll pick the lucky ones at random!

Toé, toé pis toé, take your gun and go, get away!

Taïaut! Taïaut! The Free World is watching you!


As you know, Canada is a member of NATO.

And when you are part of NATO, you have to invest 2% of your GDP in financing this organization if you want to keep your membership card and take advantage of its Protection insurance plan.

But what percentage of its GDP does Canada invest in NATO?


Our stocks of lethal weapons are dry, our army is underfunded, we are chronically short of soldiers, we do not seize the assets of Russian oligarchs, we have turned a blind eye for years to sexual assaults committed in our Armed Forces and we are not paying our fair share to NATO, but we are there!

As one man!


And as for our Department of Immigration, what can we say except that it shines with its efficiency?

We hold the record for pending files! In no other country have we seen such high piles of files!

Some reach dizzying heights! That defy the laws of gravity!

Companies have been waiting five years for the green light from the federal government to bring in foreign workers! Losing millions of dollars in contracts in the meantime!

And what does the federal government do? Nothing !

He watches the files pile up on top of each other!

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Civil servant Gilles Grenier from office 312-C has 356 files on his desk! Its stack practically touches the ceiling! Who says better ?

Come on, brave state employees, make an effort!

Stack up, friends, stack up!


And it is this government that will tell us what to do to better manage our health care?

Damn we’re lucky!

Quick, Captain Canada, fill us with your knowledge!

Show us what kind of wood you’re warming up!

We are only little provincials, unable to put one step in front of the other…

Teach us, Captain! Raise us!

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