Caprabo will invest 100 million euros in five years

Caprabo reinvent your plans for the future. More of 100 million euros of investment in the next five years. That is the expected bill of the strategic planning chain Caprabo supermarkets as it became known this Thursday. The President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragonès, has met for the first time with the heads of Caprabo, Javier Amezaga and Edorta Juaristi, before visiting the new logistics platform for fresh products in the Free Trade Zone, which supplies all the chain’s stores in Catalonia. The investment plan includes the opening of 80 new supermarkets to its commercial network until 2025, within the framework of a clear commitment to fresh and local products and the promotion of online sales, which already represent the 3, 5% of the turnover. In 2023, Caprabo will have reformed its entire network to a new generation model, with a total investment of more than 60,000 million euros.

Javier Amezaga He explained that “Caprabo is in a new stage of transformation and growth, with the entry of a new shareholder partner. This allows us to reinforce investments and the Caprabo brand.” Edorta Juaristi explained that the investment of almost 26,000 million euros in logistics will increase the presence of fresh products in the shopping basket and shorten delivery times for online purchases. Without this logistical commitment, it would not be possible to face the growth of the chain in the coming years and especially the determined commitment to reinforce sales on the internet, whose delivery hours have been extended until 10 at night and with shipments in one hour. The new Capraboacasa platform aims to increase its weight in the chain’s sales and has up to 12,000 references. 22% of purchases ‘online’ at Capraboacasa are made through the app.

Last August, the EU authorized the acquisition of a new partner in Caprabo’s shareholding. The company EP BidCo acquired 50% of the shares of SUPRATUC2020, Caprabo’s parent company. This company is owned by the Czech EP Corporate Group and by the Slovak investor Patric Tká & ccaron ;. In September, the board of directors was constituted, whose president is Javier Amezaga. Eroski has one more director and EP BidCo has the other two directors. The entry of a powerful financial partner leaves open the possibility of expanding the brand outside of Catalonia, although it is currently in Catalonia where Caprabo operates after the progressive sale in recent years of supermarkets located in other autonomous communities.

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The construction of a new platform for fresh produce is part of the transformation of Caprabo’s logistics network to serve its new generation stores. With the new platform, with an area of ​​24,600 square meters, and the Abrera distribution center, with 26,000 square meters, Caprabo manages more than 50,000 square meters of logistics area.

Caprabo, a leading supermarket company, was born in the city of Barcelona in 1959. It has a network of almost 300 supermarkets in the four provinces of Catalonia and some 6,000 people work for the company. Every day, more than 150,000 people shop at Caprabo supermarkets and one million customers have a loyalty card.

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