The brand Captains of Mexico City enters a process of expansion. In its first two seasons in the National Professional Basketball League (2017-18 and 2018-19), the team built a fan base of 9,000 people, but the brand is about to take a turn, as from 5 November will begin his walk in the G-League, a North American league in which he will be representing Mexico and Latin America.

Do you increase brand equity by entering this level of competition?

– “Yes and it will continue to grow. The value of the team could have increased by 20 or 25% this first year and once the competition and a formal activity begin, that figure will continue to rise, “he said in an interview with The Economist, Rodrigo Serratos, Team President of Capitanes, although he did not specify the value of the brand, which is registered with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

However, the main value that Serratos finds in the entrance of Captains to G-League It is the precedent that our country is setting at the sports level: “We are putting the Mexico brand in the United States, we are pioneers. It is the first time that a Mexican franchise has been invited to play in an American tournament, now we are an international brand. The growth we expect is gigantic in sports because we are going to allow Latin talent to compete at the highest level in basketball and in terms of brand, the projection is gigantic. We are attacking a market of more than 300 million inhabitants ”.

Capitanes, who until the 2019-20 season participated in the National Professional Basketball League (LNBP), will be the second non-United States franchise to join the G-League, in addition to the Raptors 905 from Ontario (Canada), which joined in 2015.

Although it is clear that its main market is Mexican, the team will now also seek to position itself among the Hispanic population residing in the United States, through alliances with local influencers, Mexican nights, autograph signings and giveaways to bring Latin culture closer to the NBA G-League. On the other hand, to continue positioning the brand in Mexico, the transmissions will be carried throughout the republic and there will also be activations such as watch parties, in addition to the activities generated through the Capitanes academy.

Do you think that at some point the language in social networks should be bilingual or that they should have accounts in English?

– “The two markets are important and because we speak English or Spanish we are not more or less Mexican, we are simply serving all those (…) That will be dictated by the market itself, now we are focused on Mexico because that is where it is. our base and as we see the growth of followers in the United States we will define when it will be appropriate to open the accounts, but for now, between now and next year, you will find communication in English and Spanish on our social networks ”.

The philosophy of Captains in each season it will be to maintain a player base in which at least 50% are Latino. Of the nine players who have announced so far, seven are Latin American. One of them is Mexican (Fabián Jaimes) and three are Puerto Rican.

So that the brand Captains moving from the local to the international, the organization has planned the opening of academies, camps and exhibition matches throughout the republic and will seek to attract Latin American sponsors, a region that has an important participation in the sports roster.


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