Capitalidad, by Xavier Bru de Sala

One of the clearest symptoms of the loss of pride and self-confidence in Barcelona is the growing nostalgia for Pasqual Maragall. The figure of the Olympic mayor becomes more and more present, the unexpected return of a shadow that looms over our time but that can no longer project the city towards new challenges. We must do it, those of us who are still here, those who go up. And we will not be able if we do not recover the central nucleus of his idea of ​​the city: the capital. The opportunities, the influence, the power of the capital. In order to increase it, he did not hesitate to ally himself with whoever he was, starting with Samaranch, who first climbed prudently through the hierarchies of Francoism and then won the trust of the hierarchies of the USSR. the key to climbing to the top of the IOC. Master play of two opposites. The Transition of Spain is full of chiaroscuro. In the Barcelona screening there was only glare. But it no longer dazzles us.

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Since Ada Colau said that so ugly, so foolish, so contrary to the entire history of Barcelona, ​​about the capital of Madrid, the idea of ​​capital, that is, of the sum of capitalities that make a city a lighthouse, it has disappeared from the mental and emotional map. Whoever recovers it in a credible way will have the key to the municipal government. Meanwhile, we live on the renown we have acquired, on the inertia of those formidable ‘Maragallian’ impulses, on the consolidated attractions of Barcelona, ​​not so much from the will or programs to summon talent as from the magnetization that absorbs it. As a fact both natural and supernatural, A good part of the best educated in the global economy yearn to live in Barcelona. But this is not enough, not even close. Without ambition, without projection, without capital, the costs are too high.

That is why there are plenty of reluctance and praise is missed for initiatives that are still the capital of Barcelona, ​​such as now, in recent days, the media glare of the Planeta award or the launch of ‘The Newspaper of Spain’.

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