Canucks Lead Tracker, WJC Edition: Zlodeyev Makes His Mark

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It is an edition of the youth world championship of the tracker, where we count the efforts of the highest profile prospects of the Vancouver Canucks:

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Dmitry Zlodeyev

He’s our boy inside.

And on the second day of the World Juniors, he did the job against a stubborn Swiss squad.

Dmitry Zlodeyev, Vancouver’s only prospect in this year’s tournament, scored a goal for Russia in a 4-2 win over Switzerland on Monday in Red Deer. He was also named the player of the game by his team, despite a fourth-line deployment and less than ten minutes of ice time.

The goal was scored at the end of the first period and made it 2-0 for the Russians. Zlodeyev carried the puck into the offensive zone, made a move to the outside and fired from below the red line, causing all sorts of confusion for Swiss goalkeeper Kevin Pasche. The Canucks’ sixth round in 2020 circled the net, picked up a loose puck and fired a quick shot past Pasche, who was looking the other way.

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It was a good effort for a player who was chosen to represent his country due to his two-way play and leadership qualities. The 19-year-old is a substitute captain for the Russians and also plays a role on penalties. Zlodeyev finished the game with two shots at the net and an even qualifying at 9:47 on ice time.

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The fact that the Canucks only have one prospect playing in the premier exhibition tournament speaks to a franchise that has traded in its top picks in recent years to help shore up its NHL roster. Two other prospects, defenders Joni jurmo (2019, Rd. 3) and Jacob truscott (2020, Rd. 5) did not outperform the Finnish and US fields.

It is also noteworthy that the best 18-year-old prospect Danila Klimovich (2021, Rd. 2) would have starred in this tournament if Belarus had qualified for it. Klimovich can play for Belarus in the upcoming WJC tournament in Russia, for which Belarus recently won qualification.

Meanwhile, Zlodeyev had a difficult match to open the tournament, a 6-3 loss to Sweden on Sunday. The 5-foot-11-inch, 183-pound forward with a left kick missed a key throw-in while taking the penalty, leading to Sweden’s first goal in the first period. He also received an undisciplined penalty while at PK early in the third period, leading to Sweden’s 4-1 goal scored in the 5v3 power play.

Zlodeyev finished the game with minus 1 in 10:01 ice time.

Russia will face Slovakia on Wednesday afternoon.

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