Canucks Coffee: Dynamos on defence drive monster road trip

It wasn’t just Carson Soucy’s return and it’s not just Quinn Hughes finding his game again — though those are both big things.

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Just a quick little morning jolt for you as it’s trade deadline day.

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Heck of a win last night by the Canucks, who seem to be back firing on all cylinders.

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And it was driven by yet another outstanding performance from the Canucks blue line.

It’s easy to say that the return of Carson Soucy is the driving force, but it’s bigger than that.

The Canucks’ system is just so much stouter. Every player on the ice is making smart reads when they’re on the puck and when they’re off it.

Vegas, and Los Angeles on Tuesday, just had nowhere to go.

The Canucks limited the Golden Knights’ scoring chances from the slot. It was the same story on Tuesday.

That’s not just one player.

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Mr. 60

That said, there’s also a lot to be said about one player.

You should be getting used to this by now, but Quinn Hughes is in remarkable company.

He’s now hit 60 assists three seasons in a row.

The list of defencemen who have previously recorded that many assists that many seasons in a row is truly illustrious:

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Coffey, Bourque, Orr, Potvin.

Those are all hall of famers.

He’s just the most remarkable defenceman in Canucks team history.

What a pace

There’s just no getting around it: this is a heckuva hockey team.

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They’ve got nine straight home games now. They like playing at home. Sure, there’s tough opponents to come, but there’s a reason why most teams win more of their home games than they lose.

This is an impressive season — and no one expected this.

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