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While publishing its monthly figures, Statistics Canada also provided a breakdown of retail cannabis sales in most provinces this week.

As they have done since legalization in October 2018, when they posted roughly $ 50 million a month for the entire country, sales have increased rapidly.

Cannabis retail experts remain bullish, even as their industry continues to take a few hits during COVID-19.

“We hope that once the illegal market is largely eradicated, you will see sales of approximately one to two billion dollars a month; which will then match the liquor, ”predicted Adam Vassos of the Ontario Retail Cannabis Council.

2021 is expected to eclipse 2020 in terms of sales.

“Over the next several years, the overall scale of the cannabis industry and its contribution to the Canadian economy will be more remarkable,” said George Smitherman of the Cannabis Council of Canada.

Here is the ranking of cannabis retail sales by province for July:

Ontario $ 126.6 million

Alberta $ 60.6 million

Quebec $ 52 million

British Columbia $ 48.5 million

Saskatchewan $ 13.2 million

Manitoba $ 12.8 million

New Brunswick $ 7.3 million

Nova Scotia $ 8.7 million

Newfoundland $ 5.3 million

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