• The most prestigious food and beverage event in Europe kicks off with high-end products and a firm commitment to the care of local farmers and ranchers

Big surprises await them. never seen: edible gold, cannabis-scented gin, patatas bravas spreadable on bread, Soluble manchego porridge, liquid jijona nougat, extra strawberry jam with albariño and mint and even an exquisite foie that does not need to mistreat the animal for its elaboration. These are just some of the 1,600 novelties in the 35th edition of Salón Gourmets which begins this Monday and lasts until Thursday at the Ifema fairgrounds in Madrid.

“The sector of high-end product is eager to resubmit its proposals as it did before the coronavirus pandemic & rdquor ;, celebrates the president of Salón Gourmets, Francisco Lopez-Bago, immersed in the last minute details of this appointment dedicated to quality food and drinks, one of the most prestigious in Europe, which this year welcomes nearly 1,600 exhibitors and expects the visit of more than 70,000 professional buyers, six months after the last call, in October 2021.

The gourmet team promotes for the first time a pizza championship and another for Aoves with 200 samples from eight countries, most of Spain, to choose the best extra olive oil in the world. “We have national, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, American, Australian, Peruvian and Brazilian productions & rdquor ;, reveals López-Bago before advancing that this edition holds the classic contests of ham cutters, oyster openers or cheese and hamburger makers. “We will choose the best beer shooter in Spain, the best cachopo and the undisputed master in cisoria, that art that ensures the good cut of the meat & rdquor ;, he adds.

Innovation Area and Organic Exhibition Area

The most striking curiosities in this room will occupy the ‘Innovation Area’ and the ‘Organic Exhibition Area’ dedicated to organic and local products, whose demand has skyrocketed in recent years among those seeking a more sustainable diet that pampers the land and animals supporting the closest farmers and ranchers. “We have to be able to make these regional producers earn a decent living & rdquor ;, underlines López-Bago, also aware of the need to combat the enormous amount of food waste that are generated daily due to containers that are too large for the baskets of the increasingly numerous single-family homes.

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For lovers of gin and tonic, the firm Cannagin presents the Cannagin Premium, a cannabis-scented gin. Distilled with 20 botanists and produced in Córdoba, it has been awarded the Superior Taste Award, the award for the most recognized flavor in the world, awarded by a jury made up of more than 200 chefs and sommeliers from all over the world. Nearby is a sparkling pink grapefruit, juniper and vegan tonic sangria, one of the new canned drinks from Sangría Republic, which in addition to being low in alcohol, is organic and vegan and has no gluten or sugar.

the italian company Gold Chef exhibits the first 23-karat edible gold spray, a product for chocolate and pastry.

And the Guadalajara restaurant ‘Cenador de las Monjas’ wraps its blanket around its head to show some soluble manchego porridge that maintain the traditional quality and flavor, with the advantage that they are prepared in just five minutes, the time it takes to boil water.

Lopez-Bago, a self-confessed Asturian beef enthusiast, nevertheless proudly displays the ‘stands’ where the most alternative and vegan proposals will be exhibited, among which stands out a foie gras that pampers the ducks with which it is made to avoid any gesture of mistreatment. The animals are raised in freedom without resorting to traditional forced feeding with which their liver is greased.

FoieFood registers three innovations under the emblem of ‘The Foie Gras Alternative’, coming from those ducks raised without cages and without forced bait.

“Vegetable spreads They are a trend in the market, but in a space like Salón Gourmets, their recipes are at an unattainable level & rdquor ;, continues López-Bago together with the area of ​​the Girona company more pairs that brings to the appointment original combinations of its brand Hummus Sapiens, such as the vegetable paté of patatas bravas, chickpeas and guacamole, chickpeas with truffle or two novelties of foie gras, one of its specialties: a heart of foie gras stuffed with raspberry or the block of foie gras with guava paste.

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height pecking

To snack between meals, the president of Salón Gourmets does not hesitate to recommend some “exquisite & rdquor; fried peanuts with paprika d’espelette from Coloma García or some “tasty” popcorn made with extra virgin olive oil of the Jaen company Patatas Fritas Santo Reino.

For a more forceful pecking emerge the mussels with vermouth marinade from the Asturian company Picofino, which advises taking them with a spoon, or some anchovies flavored with chilli, truffle or smoked of Conservas Linda Playa.

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“The consumer is increasingly demanding not only with the traceability of the product but even with the way in which it appears packaged & rdquor ;, continues López-Bago while facing the sweetest corner of this 35th edition of Salón Gourmets, where those with a sweet tooth can enjoy temptations such as the Jijona liquid nougat, from an Italian elderberry jam or an extra strawberry, Albariño and mint jam from Galician Vila Sen Vento.

“I am sure that this edition will not leave anyone indifferent & rdquor ;, concludes Francisco López-Bago.

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