Canirac sees a recovery in the restaurant sector of Nuevo León with the increase in capacity and the increase in people vaccinated

Monterey, NL. With the rise in capacity and increase in vaccinated people, the restaurant sector he is recovering. just the restaurant chain Northeast Grillwill open this year 8 branches in the metropolitan area, with 450 jobs, in addition to the 650 it currently has, he told The Economist, Jorge Moeller Villarpresident of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry of Nuevo León (Canirac).

At the same time, Alexander Knight BarrientosCEO of the Noreste Grill restaurant chain, told The Economist who managed to survive the pandemic supported by their sun shopsas well as through new sales channels through applications, and this allowed them to see the future with greater certainty, for which they will invest 100 million pesos in these openings.

“We had an aggressive expansion plan planned, but the pandemic stopped everything and we managed to survive, we are part of the Control Commercial Groupwhat are the sun shops and Woolworthwith 10,000 employees and in the restaurant area we maintained 650 sources of employment”, he pointed out.

He explained that in November 2020 they opened a branch in Santa Catarina, and found new sales channels with the digital platforms and the pickup service. In addition, in November 2021 they opened another unit in the Lindavista area, and both units were very successful.

“There is a future with more certainty, which affected us at the beginning of the pandemic It was the uncertainty, today most of us are vaccinated and with reinforcements, the market is beginning to activate, people are looking for defined concepts that give them a certain experience, he stressed”.

We started a growth plan with the Insurgentes unit in Monterrey to open 7 more branches this year and close 2022 with 18 restaurants in Nuevo León and one in Saltillo, because we trust in the reconomic reactivation from New Lion”, emphasized the manager.

He stressed that they have focused mainly on the state because it is a very important business destination. They will invest 100 million pesos in the new branches as well as in technology and to maintain strict sanitary protocols.


On the other hand, the local president of Canirac commented that after two years with negative news about the restaurant industrythis Noreste Grill expansion announcement shows that businessmen trust the state and have real communication with the Ministry of Economy and the Health Secretary state.

“Suppliers learned how to treat restaurateurs: you pay me now or I don’t deliver, or to offer credit at shorter terms. We learned to have inventories for 3 or 4 days; the clients learned to take care of themselves and to take care of us; We also learned that instead of having restaurants with 100 tables, we are now opening 3 smaller restaurants,” Moeller Villar stressed.

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