Canirac Puebla urges to reduce capacity to 70% in restaurants

Puebla, Pue. Due to the concern that economic activities will stop due to the increase in Covid-19 infections in this start of 2022, Puebla’s own restaurateurs are urging to reduce the capacity of diners to 70 percent.

The local president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), Olga Méndez Juárez, urged her more than 700 members, as well as those who are not affiliated, to follow the recommendation of the president, Miguel Barbosa Huerta , in order to lower the influx temporarily.

“Currently, the state government allows our businesses to operate at 100%, but we can make an effort and limit the entry of clients to avoid large concentrations, which represents a risk of spreading Covid-19,” he stressed.

In addition, so that the optional reduction in capacity does not affect their sales, Canirac recommended reinforcing the sale of food through digital platforms, or even by telephone.

In the same way, the business organization asked to encourage vaccination among the staff of said line of business, as well as provide them with the necessary permits to be able to go to be inoculated.

Canirac also recommended granting vacations, if possible, to its staff, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as well as processing the Safe Travel certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, to guarantee that the establishment is safe for diners.

Méndez Juárez indicated that, although “tourism falls between January and February due to the January slope, it is worth promoting the social responsibility of each establishment by obtaining the certificate that they are applying 100% of the sanitary measures.”


In this tenor, he said that sales present a drop of 40% and thus remain during the first quarter, since there is a rebound until the Easter holidays, therefore, it should not affect that they reduce the capacity in a mandatory way.

He pointed out that the decision is optional, but it will help curb the speed of Covid-19 infections, since so far this year they have been increasing before the arrival of the fourth wave.

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