Cancun airport operates normally, after Asur ruled out shots

Cancun, QRoo.- The Cancun International Airport It already operates completely normally after the consortium Southeast Airports (asur) ruled out that the chaos unleashed around 11:30 in the morning was due to detonations by firearm.

Through a statement, asur explained that the reaction of the users who were at that time in the Terminal 3 was due “to a false alarm caused by a misinterpretation of hearing a loud noise caused by the fall of 3 totem signs of approximately 50 kilos each, being inadvertently pushed by another user who was hurrying to his boarding gate”.

The statement assures that the foregoing caused the word of mouth dissemination of various versions, “all unfounded”, causing the activation of the emergency and evacuation protocols of the Terminal 3in order to safeguard the integrity and safety of users, workers and aircraft.

Finally, it is ruled out that there is any type of risk for the terminal to continue operating normally.

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