Cancer of Charles III | Harry’s visit raises hopes for royal reconciliation

(London) After years spent tearing each other apart, will princes Harry and William reconnect? The Duke of Sussex’s arrival in London on Tuesday to visit Charles III, who is suffering from cancer, revives hopes of reconciliation within the royal family.

The king’s youngest son left Los Angeles without wasting time after the shock announcement of his father’s cancer, discovered during his prostate operation around ten days ago. He was seen arriving at London Heathrow Airport midday on Tuesday.

As during his lightning visit for Charles’ coronation in May, Prince Harry, at odds with his father and especially his brother William, seems to have come alone from California, without his wife Meghan and their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

“Is it time for Harry to come home?” », asks the tabloid The Mirror which, like most British newspapers, devotes long articles to a potential reconciliation between the Windsors, in the midst of troubled times for the British monarchy.

The burning question is whether Harry will also meet William, whose wife Kate is also recovering from an unspecified abdominal operation, the source of much speculation.

“While Charles is torn by the conflict between his sons and hopes for a rapprochement, William is convinced that trust (…) has been completely broken,” said royal commentator Richard Kay in the Daily Mail.

If the king continued to express affection for his youngest son, for example expressing his “love” to him in his speech the day after the death of Elizabeth II, his brother apparently did not not digested having been harshly trashed in Harry’s autobiography, “The Substitute”.

The Duke of Sussex is particularly critical of his eldest, whom he describes as angry, and recounts his pain at having been his “shadow, (his) understudy, (his) plan B” all his life. It also implies that William did not marry his wife Kate for love.

Broken dialogue

The last time the princes appeared together was in September 2022, for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and according to Richard Kay, William and Harry have not exchanged “a word” in months.

Before the publication of the book, the relationship between Lady Di’s two sons, very close in the past, had already deteriorated profoundly, with tensions and conflicts against a backdrop of constant pressure from the British tabloid press.

The couple Harry and Meghan ended up slamming the door of the royal family and renouncing their obligations to go into exile in the United States in 2020, sharply criticizing the British monarchy in interviews and a documentary series on Netflix.

During an interview with the influential American presenter Oprah Winfrey, they also claimed that members of the royal family had wondered about the skin color that their son Archie would have.

In early December, the names of King Charles and Princess Kate were mentioned in the Dutch version of a new book about the Windsors, which was quickly withdrawn from sale by its publisher citing a “translation error”, reported British media.

The exiled prince returned to the United Kingdom twice last year: for his father’s coronation and in June for one of the many trials pitting him against the British tabloids, against whom he is waging a legal war.

Despite the distance that has established between the brothers, “the royal family, like any other family, must stick together” in the face of the ordeal of cancer, and a rapprochement, even timid, could take place in the coming weeks , estimates royalty expert Richard Fitzwilliams, interviewed by AFP.

“The only thing they still have in common is their love for their “Darling Dad”, the only parent they have left,” also underlined Camilla Tominey, another specialist in the monarchy, in the Telegraph.


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