Canceled celebrities: Will Smith and Kanye West are not the only unpresentables

canceled. Disowned. edged. Punished to the corner of thinking. From the #Metooand especially after the pandemicthe masses, addicted to social networks, do not forgive a single (inadmissible or unpopular conduct), and call for a boycott and withdrawal of moral, labor, digital and social support for anyone who slips up. And the famous, more exposed than anyone to public scrutiny, have to lose.

Neither a machirulo mamporro in the middle of the Oscars audience, nor insults to your ex’s boyfriend, nor racist or transphobic comments, much less sexual abuse behavior. The RRSS monitor the world order. A new tribunal of the Holy Inquisition? A way to get the colors out of those in the front row? A way to tighten the nuts of those in positions of power?

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The cancel culture no longer satisfied with give the famous wayward a hard time or make him lose popularity. Cry out justice!

It’s the new ‘show business,’ folks. And after notorious scandals like those of Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen or Placido Domingosingled out for sexual abuse, these are the latest celebrities plagued.

Will Smith, the most beastly cancellation

From the luxury rehabilitation clinic where he has entered by his own foot to try to digest his execrable and violent behavior in the last gala of the Oscarswith the greatsword he hurled at comedian Chris Rock for making a joke in bad taste about his wife’s baldness, Will Smith He has seen that it is not enough to resign from the Hollywood Academy, since it has later vetoed him 10 years from the Oscars and other events of the institution, both in person and virtual. Besides, Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife, He has denied him twice: after withdrawing his support and saying that ‘I am a legend’ he had a “overreaction” At the gala, now the actress has confessed that she married him because she was pregnant with her son Jaden and her mother forced her. They don’t want to see the ‘prince of Bel Air’ on the ‘set’: has lost several contracts with Netflix (the film ‘Fast and Loose’) and Sony (the fourth installment of ‘Bad Boys 4’ has been paralyzed), and the firm Fitbit he doesn’t love him anymore ambassador. As far as he knows, there are only three people on the planet who will clothe him: Denzel Washington, Tatiana Ali (his little cousin in the famous series of the 90) and Paul Motorcycles.

Kanye West banished from the stage

the unpredictable kanye-west It has a long history of cancellations. In 2020 Twitter already vetoed him for uploading a video peeing on a Grammy (He intended to air his dispute with Sony and Universal in this way). In this recent edition of the same awards, in whose gala she was going to act, she finally did not do it because the National Academy of Arts and Sciences banned it: the rapper, producer and businessman got fed up with making hurtful and racist comments towards the presenter of the ceremony and the ‘Daily Show’, Trevor Noah, which is why Instagram also closed the account. Ye has also called her ex a “bad mother”, kim kardashianon social networks, where he has also shared a disturbing video, that of the single ‘Eazy’, where he ‘dismembers’ a figure very similar to Peter Davidson, the current boyfriend of the ‘socialite’. For all this, his contract with the GAP brand is weak and the same has been excluded from the Coachella posterafter more than 50,000 signatures on have asked not to participate in the festival that will start on April 15.

Johnny Depp, without movies and on trial

After airing his private life in a media trial a couple of years ago in London, the actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard -who accused him before the judge of insults and assaults during their marriage- have returned to court this April 11, although this time in the United States, to accuse each other of defamation. The 58-year-old actor sued her ex, 35, for 50 million, denouncing her for vilifying him in an article she published in 2018 in ‘The Washington Post’ saying it was “a survivor of domestic abuse” (Tremendous photos of bruises also surfaced.) Meanwhile, Depp lost a lawsuit against ‘The Sun’, which called him “wife beater”and they began to delete him from certain productions, such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or the recently released ‘Fantastic Animals 3’where it replaces Mads Mikkelsen.

JK Rowling against the trans collective

The special ‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’, which premiered on HBO Max on January 1, and which 20 years later brought together the protagonists and architects of the successful saga (the protagonists Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the director Chris Columbus , and other actors, such as Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes or Gary Oldman), revealed a conspicuous absence. the author of the books, JK Rowling, only appears for a few seconds to remember the difficulty that there was in finding the protagonist (in the end, a rehash of images from an old interview). Behind this dense audiovisual veil is the controversy that the writer starred in 2020, accused of “transphobic” for saying that only women menstruate. The trans collective vetoed it and called for its boycottachieving that, suddenly, the sales of his works dropped somewhat, and that 1,500 British writers will sign a manifesto against his views.

Ellen DeGeneres, a “toxic” boss

The daily talk show Ellen Degeneres, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’, on NBC Universal, will come to an end next May, after almost 20 years of uninterrupted broadcast. The actress already warned in ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that the successful space where she has made good friends with all kinds of stars, in addition to giving visibility to the LGTBIQ community, to which she belongs, would not go much beyond the season 16. True. But it is also that the viral scandal in which she was involved accelerated everything. It came to light toxic environment, situations of harassment and racism -and even a suicide attempt- that were lived behind the cameras, situations to which the presenter would have turned a blind eye. And the audience did not forgive him.

J. Balvin, sexist and racist ‘dog’

Before the ‘tiraera’ between Residente and J. Balvin, the cockfight with which the Puerto Rican and the Colombian have been entertaining us in recent weeks, the reggaeton prince with multicolored hair It has been more times in the center of the hurricane. Last year, for example, you were asked to I would never set foot in Cali again. Although he is from Medellín, several groups, and the mayor himself, processed a petition to the Cali authorities to veto the artist for his “misogynistic and racist” lyrics and for “promoting gender violence”. Your video clip of ‘Bitch’, which he recorded together with the singer Tokischa, raised blisters for showing Afro-descendant women chained and walking on all fours. Although J. Balvin apologized on Instagram (“My thing has always been tolerance, love and integration & rdquor ;, he said), the ball transcended borders and was reprimanded in an open letter by the Vice President and Foreign Minister of Colombia, Martha Lucia Ramírez. Youtube withdrew the clip.

Armie Hummer, the ‘cannibal’ heartthrob

Since the earthquake caused by the predator Harvey Weinstein, who abused and raped dozens of women for decades from his vantage point as a demigod and movie superproducer, Hollywood lived in a placid calm that burst in 2021 one of its new Rock Hudson-style leading men. The blond Californian actor Armie Hammerprotagonist of memorable pictures in ‘Call me by your name’ by Luca Guadagnino or the ‘remake’ of ‘Rebecca’ by Netflix, gave the tabloids a lot of meat with a supposed paraphilia in the form of messages brought to light by an Internet user [@houseofeffie]in which the actor expressed through a private Instagram account his most sordid and cannibalistic desireseven speaking of “drinking blood”, “eating beating hearts” and masturbating after “breaking his ribs”. Although he denied the eldest, before they fired him, he ended up withdrawing himself from several projects, such as the film ‘Shotgun wedding’, the comedy in which he was going to share the lead with Jennifer Lopez, and which will be released without him this summer. ‘Death on the Nile’which was already recorded with him among the protagonists, waited in a drawer until the storm passed, and it was released a few weeks ago, shortly after Hammer is out of rehab after nine months.

Miguel Bosé and Bill Gates chips

With the arrival of the coronavirus in our lives, famous figures began to express their strange ideas about the origin of the virus. Of course, based on conspiracy theories of the new world order. In Spain, the maximum exponent was Miguel Bosewho took to saying that the vaccine was a method to insert chips in people. According to ‘Don Diablo’, this is how Bill Gates could keep the world’s population under control with 5G technology. The Internet came crashing down on him, some of his videos were deleted, and for a while his accounts disappeared. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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