Canasta consumption in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey is 20% higher than in Mexico City

Monterrey, NL. In the year 2022 the cost of the canvas for consumption in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey is from 2,226.62 pesosis 20% more than in Mexico City (1,889.00 pesos). Además, who has the minimum wage at the AMM destinan 44% of his admission to the acquisition of the basasta canasta, afirmó Joana Chapa Cantú, director of the Center for Economic Investigations of the UANL.

The most expensive products at the AMM that in Mexico are: carne (21%), queso (40%), fruits (60%) and verduras (45%), aggregate.

Chapa Cantú explained that the CIE has a probe, based on a global study that conducted the portal www.picodi.comin 64 countries, in which Mexico occupies the 19th place at the expense of the basic canada as a percentage of the minimum wage.

“Inflation has affected more than what we have. Picodi hizo an analysis on alcanzan quantity to buy with a minimum wage in 64 countries, with a canasta with products like, leche, pan, arroz, huevos, queso, carne, frutas y verduras; “Calculate the cost for an adult in one month, in Mexico it represents 35.8% of the minimum wage, and when the minimum wage is increased in a sustainable way,” he said.

Pronosticos a la baja

On the other hand, Chapa Cantú commented that if the CIE had positive forecasts in December 2021 on the crime of the economy, data from the Global Indicator of Economic Activity (IGAE), forecast that Mexico will be late in coming years for pandemic, “the theme of inversion is that it has become more complicated, inversion must recover by 2024. In the context of consumption we expect tenants who for the second semester will try to increase inflationary pressures and increase consumption”.

In the case of New Leon it is expected that this year it will be able to recover and be at close levels in the pre-pandemic.

“For 2022, we revise down the national GDP by 2.18% and the Quarterly Indicator of the Quarterly Economic Activity (ITAEE) for New Leon at 3.38%; it has an employment rate of 3.7% higher than the Mexican Institute of Social Security, an inflation rate of 5%, the interest rate could increase to 7% and the exchange rate would be 21 pesos per dollar ”, he said.

In addition to the inflation, tomaron in account, the time interval generated by the Omar micron of the Sars-CoV-2, the persistence of the disruptions in the global sumsman’s estimates and the cost pressures on the high prices of the commodities, which could be followed limiting the economic dynamism of the country and the state.

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